Why DIY Isn’t for Business Development: Benefits of Sales Outsourcing

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Sales as a Service

How we do business is rapidly changing in our current environment due to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak. As many organizations adjust to remote work and online-only connections, some are unprepared and struggling to reconfigure their development approach. NuGrowth’s Director of Business Development Jeff Tillar lends his expertise in how an outsourced solution can help.

When you have yet another stack of resumes in hand, sitting down to interview yet another round of sales reps or scouting for another new development manager, it’s time to stop and think. How long have you been looking for “the right fit”? Months? Years? All the other wheels of your business are running smoothly, but that essential sales lever keeps sticking.

It’s time to think about sales outsourcing.

Don’t be scared off – sales outsourcing is not the cheap, short-term solution the phrase was associated with years ago. Sales outsourcing isn’t someone in another country with a headset and a script, sticking to it word-for-word no matter what. Sales outsourcing is a long-term, solutions-driven, systematic approach to grease your business development for permanent, sustained success.

Why You Should Buy Instead of DIY

For those businesses in need of a new approach to development, we suggest a buy over a DIY. Here’s what effective sales outsourcing can provide for your business:

  • Faster Speed to Market– Get your entire business development team and infrastructure built in five to eight weeks. We’ve seen companies spend decades trying to build a sales team and never get it right – not just the people but the infrastructure, too. And hardly any business we’ve worked with has mastered their CRM or marketing automation. We find these essential tools aren’t correctly implemented, nor are they supported. With an outsourced team, businesses get customized tools and the training on how to tap into their incredible pipeline-filling potential.
  • Better Results– Outsourced methodologies have been proven across multiple markets with companies of all sizes and stages of growth. Here at NuGrowth, we have up to fourteen proven go-to-market strategies and tested Tactic Group campaigns that bring in results like a 20% higher contact rate than the industry average.
  • Less Turnover– The sales culture and training provided by outsourced teams increases employee retention dramatically. When given the tools and leadership they need, reps are more confident, successful, and driven. Trying to build a team internally can leave reps feeling disconnected and like they have to go it alone. With an outsourced team, reps work with other team members, sales coaches, sales managers, and even executives for a truly collaborative and supportive experience.
  • Lower Cost – When it comes down to it, businesses cannot replace what outsourcing can do for the same investment. Gaining highly trained reps, an experienced management team, critical custom infrastructure, and a knowledgeable infrastructure support team is easily a hundreds of thousands of dollars a year investment, not to mention benefits. You simply cannot beat the ROI of outsourced.
  • Improved Reporting and Forecasting– Everything an outsourced partner does is tracked, analyzed, and reported back. Their goal is to keep updated on what’s happening and how they’re working to help you meet your development goals. With an outsourced partner you can expect weekly meetings, a regular scorecard of their activity along with a written report of KPI’s, pipeline, and market feedback.

Getting the Best Outsourced Experience with NuGrowth Solutions

Most of our clients tried to build their own team and failed. Whether it’s high turnover or they didn’t get the results they wanted, they found hiring, training, and managing a business development or inside sales team just wasn’t working for them. Outsourcing to a professional firm like NuGrowth is simply more efficient and effective.

With our specialized expertise, proven territory management, and personalized tech stack and support, the NuGrowth team provides everything you need to build a driven development team at once.

Discover more about our solutions and get in touch today to see how we can move your business from zero to sixty in less than eight weeks.