When to replace your website

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Marketing Strategy, SEO, Website Development

Some things get better with age…

What gets better with age? The longer a fine wine lasts, the better it becomes. Leather boots look better scuffed than new and cast iron pans make food taste better as they become more seasoned. If only this were the case for everyday items like bread, socks, and technology.

…and some things don’t

As you know, many things in life require maintenance or flat-out replacement. Anything that connects us to the earth—shoes, tires, mattresses—require regular replacement. Your car, unfortunately, requires regular maintenance. Similarly, your business’s website, what connects you to your customers, becomes dated and eventually requires replacement, too.

Is your website in need of a tune-up?

Unfortunately, some websites were old the minute they got shelf life. Some still look good, but have poor functionality. Many, however, don’t look good and function even worse. You may think your site was designed well, but take a look at it again on your cell phone.
As quickly as technology moves, it’s astonishing to see websites built from the early 2000s still alive and kicking. Especially when considering that sites as old as 2 years could be completely invisible to search queries, making the site itself unable to be viewed by anyone who doesn’t already know where to look.

Asses your website now

While you probably have a family member or spouse who will tell you when your shoes are out of style, or a light will come on to tell you when to get your oil changed, how do you know when it’s time to update your business’s website?

Although you may have a feeling that it is time, we’ve created a quick eGuide to help you determine if your website needs a refresher. Read our guide and assess for yourself if it’s time to replace or update your site.