When Did Sales Become Scary? Signs You Need Inside Sales Services to Bring You Back from the Dead

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Sales as a Service

According to a survey conducted by sales strategist Marc Wayshak, 61% of salespeople say selling is more challenging now that it was five years ago. And with good reason – the sales game has rapidly evolved amid the tech revolution. Those who stood still during this swift growth find themselves in a sales slump, looking to inside sales service solutions to bail them out.

A seasoned and tech-savvy sales as a service provider has the tools, team, and training to bring these businesses up to speed. In fact, the sales slumps many firms encounter are tied to common problem areas that sales as a service can quickly tackle.

  1. Outreach

Time and again, businesses are baffled because they’re not getting calls back. This issue ties directly to outreach – maybe they’re reaching out too much or too soon, or perhaps they’re giving up too early. Either way, the answer is a defined call cadence for each buyer persona.

The key here is the differentiation by persona. Executives and managers do different work, meaning their availability and response times will vary. Sales as a service (SaaS) providers can help businesses target these personas and apply their time-tested cadences to gain results.

  1. Data

Whether it’s that a business doesn’t have the right data, has incomplete or corrupted data, or simply doesn’t know how to use their data, all issues with data gathering and analysis can be tackled by SaaS. Sales as a service teams bring in top-of-the-line data gathering and analysis tools and have the experience required to put data into action.

  1. Content

Often businesses either don’t have enough or don’t have the right content to move prospects along in the sales journey. Stats show only 24% of sales emails are opened – you need to have something worth seeing! SaaS can audit the content you have, match it to the buyer journey, and provide customizable content templates to fill in gaps.

  1. Development Team

A recent study in Forbes showed sales reps spend 35% of their time selling and 65% doing “everything else.” Participants said they spent most of their time addressing product issues or being weighed down with internal processes. Through sales as a service, businesses get a well-trained team 100% focused on selling and not burdened by internal hoops.

  1. Lead qualification

No matter how much a business excels at selling, if they’re not selling to the right people, they’ll get nowhere. Lead qualification remains one of the most challenging aspects of development. Thanks to decades of experience, SaaS can solve these issues with the right tools to qualify leads, segment them, and send targeted info to increase responses exponentially.

Make Sales Less Frightening with NuGrowth

Whether you have one, a handful, or all of these issues, the sales as a service experts at NuGrowth Solutions can help. At NuGrowth, you get what you need and nothing you don’t. We work closely with our customers to identify their issues and implement long-lasting development solutions.

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