If you’re in the business development world, you’ve heard about buyer personas. But what does a buyer persona mean for your development strategy? It means a great deal. Buyer personas are the key to unlocking your sales database and putting that data to work. It’s how you get names in your CRM to become responses in your inbox. Let’s look at how to create these personas to help you get more calls back and meetings set.

1. Identify your persona groups

Before you start your research, you need to know who you’re researching. Identify the different people in decision-making positions for your target industries. Generally, you will have three groups:

  • High level: C-suite employees that report directly to CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and the like
  • Senior Level Managers: Senior Vice Presidents or Executive Vice Presidents
  • Product or Account Managers: those more directly connected with the day-to-day details of the product or service they sell and in a position to decide which solutions to use to help their business

2. Define each persona’s role

Once you understand the different decision-maker groups you have, get details on what their role entails. Think about what knowledge and tools they leverage daily, what a typical day looks like for them, and their core responsibilities. The more details you can get on how their role fits into their industry, the better.

3.Identify pain points and challenges

This is the core of what will shape your strategy. Once you know the specific challenges each persona faces, you can craft messaging to target the solutions you provide.

4. Provide a value proposition that will get them to connect

Your solution to their pain points is your value proposition. It’s the “what we can do for you” that will get each persona hooked. However, you need to make sure you’re providing that solution to them through their preferred platform. Do they get their information from blogs? Social media? Whitepapers? Infographics? Identify the information source they trust and deliver your value using those sources.

Where to Go Next

Once you’ve fleshed out your buyer personas, what do you do with them? Use them to craft your outreach cadence, messaging, and content. With everything you’ve discovered, you’re well-equipped to create an outreach strategy that will break through the noise and speak directly to their needs.

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