Warming Up Your Cold Calling: Tips for Gaining Leads from Outsourced Sales Experts

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Sales as a Service, Sales Tips

Cold calling has gotten a bad name. Since the first days of sales, there has always been some method that just isn’t working, because people don’t like it. Cold calling had gotten that reputation as of late. However, as a member of NuGrowth’s successful outsourced sales team, I can say with certainty it’s not the call that’s the problem, it’s how you execute it.

Why Cold Call at All?

In-person and phone conversations remain the best methods to facilitate real conversations. Ideally, as a member of a business development team, you want to establish a relationship with your prospect. The way to do that is through a genuine conversation. But, since you can’t possibly know every prospect you’re calling, many times these calls are indeed “cold” since you never connected with the person before.

How to Make a Call into a Conversation

Admittingly, it’s not easy to make a conversation out of a cold call. That’s why it gets a bad name – the caller doesn’t make the effort to make the connection.

To establish a connection, your initial call should focus on discovery. Start by asking if you’re talking to the right person in a given organization. If not, who is the best person to contact? If you are talking to the right person, find out if this is the best time to discuss your product or service (time of phone call and time in their business cycle). Continue the conversation by asking about their sales cycle, influencers in their organization, and what they’re looking for in an ideal product or service.

What it Takes to Dig Deeper

If you’ve still got your prospect on the line, it’s time to dig a bit deeper. Uncover and address their objections, including identifying barriers to change. The beauty of a phone conversation is you can find out critical pieces of information in real time.

The more you can get them to talk, the more you’ll learn. The more you learn, the better you can qualify a lead. Whether or not you discover this prospect is highly qualified, be sure to always leave a good impression on your brand.

Where to Go from Here

Relationships are built through stages in the sales cycle. Because people typically buy from those they trust, you’ll need time to establish that relationship. It all starts from that first call – a call with purpose and genuine intent, earning the right to discover more.

At NuGrowth, our winning business development strategy is built on discovery. We leverage that discovery at every stage of the sales cycle, adapting and pursuing to double ROI and more for our clients.

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Brian McCannAuthor: Brian McCann

As Sales Manager for NuGrowth Solutions, Brian McCann manages and leads the day to day activities of NuGrowth Solution’s sales engagements and team members. Brian joined NuGrowth in 2013 as a sales rep and has earned multiple PEA monthly awards before being promoted to sales coach in 2015 and Sales Manager in 2018. Brian focuses on training and mentoring NuGrowth’s greatest asset, our team members, promoting a culture that cultivates growth and drives innovation on behalf of the clients we serve.