If you are trying to drive traffic to your website to generate inbound leads, you probably already know that search engine optimization (SEO) can be one of the big keys to your success.  To many, however, Search can be an enigma. True, it can be complex. True, Google changes its algorithms on a regular basis.  But, you don’t have to completely master Search to understand how having good quality content on your website that engages readers and entices them to share can improve SEO.

Here are a few suggestions for using content effectively.

Engage with Multimedia

If you have video editing capabilities, videos can be powerful content marketing tool. Videos engage with viewers in a way that text can’t. Be careful, though, to only use videos if you can make them well. A Poorly made video won’t be doing your website any favors!

Go In-Depth with Your Blogs

Too many organizations write blogs for the sake of blogging without any thought to providing information that people really want or need. If they do provide information, it is so pared down you wonder why they bother. If you want to stand out, go more in-depth. Consider what your target audience needs, and try to fill that need with quality resources.

Providing more information – and information people actually care about – will not only help with Search, it will go a long way to positioning your organization in a positive light and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Use White Papers, Case Studies, FAQ’s and More

In addition to a regular blog White Papers, Case Studies and Frequently Asked Questions are excellent ways to get more in-depth information on your website that is more about problem solving and less about selling.   They are also great ways to capture long-tail searches – which tend to be more specific in nature.

Brand Your Content

All of your competitors have websites, too, so be sure to leave your company’s stamp on what you’ve made. You want the people who use the content to associate your company’s brand with the help your content has provided.

Bottom line?

If you can engage with your target audience and solve their problems, they will want to share your content on their sites and blogs. The sharing of content will bring your site higher in search ratings.