Up Your Campaign Game with Business Development Tactic Groups

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Sales Strategy

Business development Tactic Groups have been a staple for us at NuGrowth since the beginning. The simplicity and effectiveness of Tactic Groups make them an appealing and relatively easy to implement strategy, once you have the basics under your belt.

What is a Tactic Group?

Our sales and marketing Tactic Groups are honed-in strategies for specific constituent segments. Studies show marketers have seen up to a 760% increase in email revenue due to market segmentation. Tactic Groups go beyond this successful market segmentation – they take into account a whole new outreach strategy from a sales perspective, too. We see Tactic Groups as a way to stay engaged with and, as needed, convert contacts using targeted outreach adapted for each grouping. The key element lies in the targeted outreach cadence, scripts, and strategy tailored to each group.

Why are Tactic Groups so beneficial?

The success of Tactic Groups comes from the honed-in strategy unique to each Tactic Group segment. With your broader constituency broken into smaller groups, you can personalize content and strategy. If done right, sales reps can improve outreach effectiveness, translating into an immediate increase in KPI performance. The small groupings provided in Tactic Groups also lend to more robust data collection and management for each segment. With better data, you can dissect performance and identify where your team excels and where you need to improve. You can then divert resources to areas as needed.

What are examples of Tactic Groups?

We have four overarching Tactic Group categories: Net New, Event-Based, Re-Engage, and Current Relationships. Within each, there are further segmented groups, such as lost opportunities and client proximity. Some specific examples include:
  • Competitor Outreach: Checking in with competitor customers to identify their frustrations and open a dialogue on how you can meet their needs. We approach these conversations by asking for opinions or feedback and offering a side-by-side comparison to yield results.
  • Trade Show and Other Events: Trade shows and other industry events provide a wealth of opportunity to meet with individuals you may never get on the phone. However, waiting till the event to strike up a conversation rarely works. In this Tactic Group area, we focus on pre- and post-event outreach to ensure success.
  • Website and Marketing Interaction: It’s important to pay attention to those who keep coming back to your website and engaging in your content. These leads have a different feel than those referred to you or ones you gained from a cold call. For this Tactic Group, we look into how to add extra personalization to messaging to guarantee follow-up.

What are the next steps to employing Tactic Groups?

Here at NuGrowth, we have successfully employed our Tactic Group development outreach strategy for years. We’ve seen results like a 30% increase in contact rates and doubling in meeting set rates as compared to the industry average. To find out more about our process and results, get in touch at 614.304.3916 or fill out our simple contact form today.