Uncertainty and Sales: How is Your Inside Sales Team Holding Up?

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

“Uncertainty” may be the word of 2020. This year has forced businesses to stop and rethink over and over again, leaving many constantly wondering what may be around the corner.

But uncertainty doesn’t necessarily translate to poor outcomes. Though it may be challenging to navigate the development climate during uncertainty, your inside sales team can still experience success, just as our NuGrowth team did over the last months. Thanks to our dedicated leadership and mentoring model and tech-forward environment, our team was able to see a consistent increase in conversations held, meetings set, and opportunities closed from March to April and again from April to May.

You can experience this success as well.


Start by taking a breath.

The number of mistakes business leaders make during a crisis is making decisions out of fear or panic. Save your team from fallout by pausing and taking in your situation. Assess your options and come up with a short-term plan to fulfill your long-term goals.


Then, get ready for change.

Innovation is part of every successful venture, and it’s even more critical now. You will need to change something about the way you do business. It may be a new marketing message or method, a change in revenue goals, update to product scope, or a pivot in territory management. No matter what it is, ensure your team is briefed on the what, when, and why, and is prepared for the shift. Change can be difficult, but with strong, communicative, and supportive management, your team can take it on.


Next, celebrate and reward.

While you need to change some elements of your development strategy, others may be working well. Celebrate those successful systems, and do so publicly. Celebrate and reward individuals, too. This is the time to point out who manages change well and gives that extra 110% to find creative solutions. Give more responsibility to those who step up to help your overall team get on a positive trajectory.


Finally, up your coaching and dial back micromanaging.

When uncertainty hits, it can be tempting to get a tighter grip to regain some control. However, when it comes to your inside sales team, gripping tighter and micromanaging can be destructive. What your team needs is guidance. This is the time to surge communication and coaching, helping each team member to the degree they need. A strong support system is key. Consider going back to Sales 101 training and looking at how strategies and messaging need to change in light of the “new normal.”


And get the help you need to move forward.

The NuGrowth team has worked with businesses and teams of all sizes to rethink and restructure their development approach for years. Our Fortune 500 sales management expertise has helped organizations hire, coach, train, and develop teams to succeed in the most unpredictable environments. Let us help your team work through the uncertainty you’re facing and transition to a “new normal” of lasting sales team success.


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