Top Tools to Hone Your Content Marketing Strategy

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Content marketing, though a highly effective brand buzz and lead generation method, is not without its challenges. According to the Content Marketing Institute, new and experienced content marketers alike report the same hurdle: producing engaging content.

There is help…if you can find it. We waded through the dozens of content marketing tools out there, pinpointing the best to tackle your biggest challenges. Though our list is not exhaustive, it can put struggling content teams on the right path.

Effective marketing begins with strategy.

Getting on the right path means creating it. Figure out where you’re going and how to get there with these strategist tools.

  • BuzzSumo – The Google of trending content, BuzzSumo makes it easy to pinpoint the most popular pieces related to your search terms. Use BuzzSumo to see what is trending with your audience
  • Moz Keyword Explorer – This free SEO tool helps identify keywords to target in your writing. Enter a word or phrase and the tool generates its current search volume, difficultly, opportunity, and potential.
  • First Research – A market analysis tool that condenses large amounts of business information into an easy-to-read format. Excellent for helping strategists understand pain points, hot button topics, and other buzz-worthy issues in an industry.

Better writing brings more business.

Well written content catches and keeps a reader’s attention. These tools take blasé writing to the next level.

  • CoScheduler Headline Analyzer – Use this app to test out different headlines through a research-based algorithm that optimizes search and clicks.
  • Hemingway Editor – This app aims to make your writing “bold and clear,” helping you get to the point. It’s perfect for those striving to be “punchy” and succinct.
  • Grammarly App – Like the Hemingway app, Grammarly helps tighten up writing. This beefed-up spell checker cites overused words, better word pairings, and “weak” words among other grammar faux pas.
  • FoxType – An innovative multi-use tool, FoxType offers a sentence tree to view your grammatical structure, visual thesaurus, and beta-version “simplifier” among other options.

Attractive designs draws in a reader’s eye.

Despite the poplar cliché to the contrary, readers still judge a book by its cover. Your content’s design is just as important as its words. These tools will help your pieces look as good as they read.[/vc_column_text][fancy-ul icon_type=”standard_dash” icon=”icon-glass” color=”Accent-Color”]

  • Adobe Color CC -Use this tool to browse or create color themes that can be imported directly into your artwork. Great for converting colors to CMYK, RGB, Hex and Lab formats.
  • Font Shop – With Font Shop, you can explore font types broken down by category, including web and mobile fonts.
  • The Noun Project – This word- association tool conjures up symbols to communicate your concepts universally.
  • Fonts In Use – This tool identifies fonts that fit your industry, are related to types you’re using, or match your current content goals. Great for font and layout inspiration.

With so many content marketing tools to sift through, it can be difficult for one person or a small team to effectively use them. If you’re struggling to make or measure your marketing impact, it may be time to call in an expert. Our team at NuGrowth Digital have the experience, resources, and savvy needed to create, implement, and track a successful content strategy. Get connected with us today at 800-966-3051.

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Author: Sarah Deak

Sarah is a copywriter for NuGrowth Digital clients. She likes to look for the unexpected angle, and uses her background in nonprofit development and marketing to create interesting and informative pieces that drive prospect engagement.