Top Salesforce Support Needs: Actuate Your Development Data

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Database Health, Salesforce

Bad data leads to bad development decisions. We all know this to be true. Stats like 40% of businesses failing due to inaccurate data, and almost 30% of sales rep time wasted on bad data signal the dangers of bad data loud and clear. While poor data points are a bad actor in development data failure, data collection and processing are also at fault. And all three are a major trigger in Salesforce support. As a thriving business, your data should be able to do a variety of things like:
  • Accurately qualify leads
  • Provide strategy on how to gain and convert prospects
  • Give a good read on where leads lie in the sales cycle
  • Show the impact of your messaging strategy
If you’re looking at this list and thinking, “But, how?” then you’re missing essential data actuation skills required to leverage Salesforce or your other CRM system to the fullest.

The NuGrowth Data Actuation System

We work with businesses across a variety of industries and encounter the same data actuation problems time and again. When working with these businesses, there are a few questions we ask to evaluate their true Salesforce data collection, organization, and analysis systems.

1. Data completeness

  • How many organizations and contacts are in the system?
  • How much of the data has complete phone, email, and address information?
  • How much of the data has company information, industry codes, revenue size, employee range?

2. Data accuracy

  • Are the organizations still active?
  • Is contact information active?
  • Do contacts have an accurate title, matched with the correct organization?
These first two categories are relatively common for a Salesforce clean-up, but data actuation is about more than a clean, organized database. We go beyond to help businesses realign their data to do something.

3. Data strategy alignment

  • Do we have the right companies and contactsbased on our buyer persona profiles?
  • Are we tagging companies and contacts based on our outreach strategy?
  • Do we know the relationship history between companies and contacts?

4. Data upgrade

  • Where can we find information about the relationship between companies and contacts?
  • How should we tag companies and contacts based on our outreach strategy?
  • How can we evaluate which companies to target?

Discover what Our Salesforce Solutions Can Do for Your Business

This is just the tip of the iceberg for your data actuation. Get your Salesforce database right with our implementation and clean-up, among other Salesforce services, to help your business harness your development power. Contact us at 614.304.3916 or fill out our simple contact form today.