Top 7 Things to Look for in an Outsourced Sales Partner

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Sales and Marketing Integration, Sales Strategy

An outsourced sales partner should be just that – a partner in your business, bringing more to the table than just selling. Although sales experience and expertise is crucial, a good partner should also have open and transparent conversations with you. Organization, consistency, and diligence should be apparent in all their approaches. Some other key factors to look for include:

1. Experienced leadership

Good companies are a reflection of their leadership. A great outsourced sales partner has experienced leaders who are looking to know you and your business. Their seasoned wisdom will help you identify gaps in your sales process, targeting your needs rather than employing a blanket, impersonal solution.

2. Integrated sales and marketing

The key to successful sales is great marketing, and vice versa. These two processes must work together, as each informs how the other will proceed. A knowledgeable outsourced sales partner will utilize an effective CRM system and marketing automation tool to gather data on prospects, leading to highly qualified leads.

3. Specialized sales

Most businesses seeking an outsourced sales partner experience gaps in their sales pipeline. Typically, such businesses have each sales rep working the whole sales process. This leads to reps devoting time to generating and closing one or two leads, only to turn around to an empty pipeline. An outsourced team provides specialization, training qualified hunters, farmers, and closers to fill in your gaps.

4. Specialized marketing

Since your sales and marketing efforts must be coordinated, marketing requires specialization as well. An outsourced team needs to either dovetail with your marketing efforts, or supply their own targeted marketing strategists, content writers, and graphic designers to name a few. This fully built team works with sales, using prospect feedback to inform their strategy and feeding the sales team valuable marketing data to help close deals.

5. Targeted training, coaching, and mentoring

Successful outsourced sales companies know the world of sales is constantly changing. A good partner provides frequent, relevant training tailored to your specific industry and market. Additionally, training is followed up with mentoring and coaching from experienced reps. This provides training targeted at each individual rep, leading to a higher growth potential.

6. Established systems and processes

An experienced outsource sales partner has drilled down, effective processes utilizing the best systems. They have done their research and tested out each, saving you the time investment of finding the best. Processes should be scalable to provide you space to grow as needed.

7. Targeted tracking and reporting

No matter how promising an outsourced sales partner may seem, the bottom line is whether they can deliver. A good partner will help you set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) and measure your success. Such transparency signals your partner is confident in their ability to meet your goals.


The above outsourced sales features are easy to measure and see, but there are two additional hard-to-quantify factors: trust and passion. To find out if a provider has these features, talk with the potential partner’s past clients and pay attention when meeting with leadership. At NuGrowth, we pride ourselves in establishing trust with our clients and our passion is evident through our impressive results. If you’re not just looking for a vendor, but seeking a true partner, contact NuGrowth today at 800-966-3051.

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Author: Jeff Tillar

Jeff leverages 17 years’ sales experience in business development and opportunity management to uncover new relationships for NuGrowth. As a sales coach, Jeff’s ability to communicate value with purpose and clarity also allows him to help sales executives develop their business development skills.