Top 3 Ways to Leverage Your Sales Database Better

by | May 26, 2021 | Database Development, Sales Enablement, Salesforce

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t sleep on innovation. The rapid changes in supply chains, business operations, and other shifting dynamics in 2020 highlighted the need to keep up with new tech and strategies to see how you can improve operations.

The same is true for how you’re using your sales database. You can do so much more in your database beyond using it to make a call, send an email, log your actions, and move on.

Among the many sales database innovations out there, we’ve highlighted three to inform outreach, engage prospects, and improve team performance overall.

Built-In Workflows

Imagine if your custom outreach cadences were embedded in your database. That’s precisely what you get with built-in workflows. Custom cadences for each segment or persona are integrated into each profile so you can see where you are and where you’re going with an individual prospect.

You can also add critical prospect info like pain points and top questions to ask right there in the profile. With built-in workflows, you get all the information you need at your fingertips, equipping your team for success with each outreach.

Dynamic Pipeline Statistics

In sales, you need up to the minute, real-time information on your pipeline so you can spot potential issues before they become real problems. Dynamic pipeline statistics in your database can provide detail on inflow/outflow, trends, forecasting, sales cycle duration, and other fluctuating data right in your database. You can then leverage these real-time statistics to improve processes and better communication at the executive level.

Integrated Market Insights

The year 2020 highlighted how markets can shift quickly and unexpectedly at any time. To keep up, you need to keep a constant pulse on those changes. Integrating market insights into your database helps you immediately see shifts in areas like persona performance by contact rate and contact rates by vertical so you can see what’s happening in pre-sales and respond before sales occur. It’s your crystal ball to an unknown future, giving you a leg up so you can pivot practices to fit shifting trends.  

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Each of these features can help your team not just know more, but know more of what they need to know to make sales. The experts at NuGrowth are poised to help you integrate these essential features, along with other best-in-class tools to help your team do more with one system.

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