This Will Amplify Your Business Development Plan

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Lead Nurturing, Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for help. You’ve got a product or service you believe in, but not enough interest to keep improving it. Quality speaks volumes, but you need a higher volume to keep your business growing. What can you do to amplify your business development plan?

As the #1 sales a service provider, we’ve thought about this a lot. Though there isn’t a one-shot answer for all businesses, there are a few usual suspects. One of those key elements is what you’re saying: your development outreach script.

Why Does Your Script Matter?

First off, the name “script” can be a bit misleading. Unlike a movie or TV show, your business script shouldn’t be read word for word. Your outreach script is a guide, helping your team to internalize tone, flow, and key messaging in their calls and emails. Script elements guide your team to introduce themselves and your company, explain why they’re calling, and set the stage for discovery (more on that below). It’s a blueprint for getting across all the pertinent info and a dock to help new team members get their sea legs.

Essential Development Script Elements

We break our development scripts down into four elements:

  1. The Introduction: A short, 10-20 second hello letting the prospect know who you are, why you’re calling, and saying something that gets them to stay on the line. It’s critical to have a genuine curiosity in tone as you get to the “stay on the line” part – this is your hook that gets them to say “Okay, I’m listening.”
  2. The Explanation: Here is where you dive more into the “why” of the call. Part of this should be why you’re calling them specifically instead of anyone else. Are they a lost opportunity? Were they referred by someone else? Did you meet them at a conference? Get into the reason why you selected them and what you have to offer.
  3. Discovery: This is the meat of your conversation. It’s here you’ll find out what your contact needs and wants, and you can use that information to present them with the best product or service to match those needs. Areas of discovery include personal discovery, operational discovery, current vs dream state, and need to have vs nice to have. Ask questions in each area to get a full picture of how you can best serve their needs.
  4. The Payoff Statement: Here’s your hook to keep your conversation going. The goal of the Payoff Statement is to get a meeting, set up a time for another call, or close a deal. How do you do it? Give the people what they want. Tell your contact what you can do for them, not the other way around. Instead of “When can we meet?” try “Is there a good time to show you how X can help you do Y?” Frame it so they’re getting the benefit, not you.

Before You Call Them, Call Us

There’s a reason we’re the top sales as a service provider in the business – we have the experience, strategy, and tools needed to jump-start any flatling business development plan. As part of our process, we at NuGrowth Solutions help you develop messaging and cadences to highlight your value and yield results like a 300% increase in annualized revenue.

See more on our process and results here, and get in touch at 614.304.3920 to find out how NuGrowth can fill in your development holes.