The Top 3 Signs Your Sales Process is Broken

by | May 18, 2017 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

We often know when we are getting sick. It can start with early symptoms, like a headache or fatigue, and if we don’t take the time to rest, we’ll certainly catch a cold.

But when it comes to your sales process –are you aware of when it’s on the verge of a break down? Do you know what to look for?  Successful sales teams must be able to recognize the symptoms of an unstable situation.

If and when you find yourself in a sales rut, there are actions to get out of it. To help you, we’ve outlined three major signs that your sales process is in need of a checkup and tips to restore its health.

A Reduction in Warm Leads

One of the first signs of a broken sales process is a lack of warm leads entering your pipeline. Considering that <2% of cold calls result in a meeting, basing your outbound calling efforts solely on titles from a purchased list is an ineffective use of time.

Instead, target leads and pursue prospects based on their level of interest. Use lead scoring and activity monitoring so you can pursue leads based on what they do instead of who they are.  A useful CRM that shows when a prospect visits your site and opens your emails does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to filtering leads that are warmer and more likely to convert.

Poor Follow Up Rates

Some reps dread the “f” word. We often make excuses for not having enough time to send a follow up after a sales call. But like it or not, following up is critical to your sales process. In fact, 70% of leads are lost from poor follow-up.

Taking the time for proper follow up is essential if you want to differentiate yourself from a competitor. Think about a time when you walked away from a business because of a lack of responsiveness from their customer service. Don’t let a customer fall through the cracks due to lack of follow through or poor communication.

Empty Fields in Your CRM

Using an effective CRM system and keeping track of online behaviors can give your sales people the insights they need for better selling. In fact, CRM can improve productivity by 30%. But nothing good can come out of a CRM system until the sales teams put information into it.

In order to achieve routine use, proper enforcement is a must. You have to be consistent in your expectations for your team, and CRM should not be a minor concern. Show them how this data can expose weaknesses in the sales process, find areas for improvement, and diagnose at-risk deals. More importantly, better data means increased accuracy in their sales forecast.

Partner Effectively

Refining your sales process is a never-ending job. At NuGrowth, we work with each client to create and reach their goals, and our personal commitment to each of our partners is central to our sales and marketing philosophy. To get connected to a team member who can answer your questions, give us a call at 800.966.3051 or fill out our simple contact form.

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Kyle Vanderhoff. As a top sales executive and manager, Kyle has been a recipient of multiple performance awards at NuGrowth. With an extensive background, Kyle has worked to help software as a service, higher education, and technology companies move faster and increase sales.