The NuGrowth Team Shares: Our Favorite Salesforce Apps for Optimizing Your CRM

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

A Fortune 500 company that continues to grow in the ranks, Salesforce has staked its claim as the #1 CRM in the business. With almost 20% of the market share, Salesforce and Salesforce apps are used in over 150,000 companies globally.
At NuGrowth, we leverage Salesforce and its incredible capacity to help our clients run their business. As part of our CRM management services, we utilize some powerful Salesforce apps to target in on what the system can do for our clients. Below are some of our top choices.


Geopointe is a great tool for visualizing your database and creating actionable lists for your sales teams based on geography. Leverage Geopointe to visualize open contacts in sales territories, find “like” targets by referencable customers, and build target lists for tradeshows, conferences, or other travel-specific events.

Conga Composer

A tool to create and merge documents for reports, proposals, and Conga-circle-color-logo-300x296agreements, Conga Composer is built to leverage the data you already have in Salesforce. Build branded documents instantly, maintaining congruency on branding across all sales items. Conga also offers built-in esignature capabilities to make the sales process move even faster.


cloudingo-1559230484-logoThis powerful data duplication tool is your data maintenance solution. It de-duplicates records based on matching rules and allows you to mass convert leads. Plus, its maintenance cycles can run automatically outside of office hours and without manual review.

Act-On Software

act-on-logo-300x95Act-On is an intuitive, robust marketing automation solution in its own right. Its integration into Salesforce makes the combination a powerful development tool for qualifying, tracking, and converting leads.


Siftrock-logo-300x128An email marketing reply management tool, Siftrock automatically categorizes automated email results. Use it to create workflows to update records in your system automatically and gather new contact data from out of office replies.

NuGrowth Accelerator

NuGrowth_Accelerator_Logo-300x90The NuGrowth Accelerator app for Salesforce® captures the data you need to optimize workflows, improve messaging, and implement customizable go-to-market strategies. Built-in list progressions, call cadences, persona profiles, and go-to-market strategies set you up to build successful campaigns. Intuitive workflows and insightful KPI reporting provide continual feedback, allowing you to hone your strategies and improve performance.   We’ve used each of these apps for years, but only recently introduced our NuGrowth Accelerator to the public. With results like a 20% increase in contact rates, triple the meetings set, and a doubling in closed revenue, we had to share this results-driven solution.   Find out more about the Accelerator and how it can improve your business here.