The Importance of Discovery: How and Why Inside Sales Relies on It

by | Jun 10, 2020 | NuGrowth Accelerator, Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

Asking questions and gathering information is central to responsible, productive decision-making. Whether it’s deciding to take a job offer or looking into buying a new car, we ask questions and gather data to make the best choice.


Shouldn’t we put the same level of thought into prospecting? Too often, we’re tricked into thinking the number of hours we put in is what closes a deal. However, it’s really the quality of those hours. That’s why inside sales teams practice discovery when working with prospects.


Why Focus on Discovery in Prospecting?

The discovery practice is mutually beneficial. Smart prospects want to know more about your business, and knowledgeable sales reps want to gain as much prospect info as possible. It is the best way to determine, for both you and your prospect, whether it’s beneficial to move forward.

The discovery process also opens both sides to learn about each other and build a relationship. That relationship makes it more likely a prospect will trust you, and trust is an essential element that sways leads to convert. If a prospect trusts that you’re looking out for their best interests, they’ll be ready to commit to you for the long term.


Making Discovery Happen: Before the Call

Authentic discovery grows from preparation. Before making your discovery call, gather as much data as you can on your prospect. This knowledge helps you craft better questions and turn your focus to the buyer’s needs rather than your own.

Confirm your research findings during your call. The act of confirming information not only helps you know your prospect better, but it also shows your level of care in taking time to learn more about them before talking. Prior research also means one less question to ask, leaving space for more questions focused on areas you cannot research, like how your prospects feels about their current situation or what an ideal solution looks like.


Gathering Data: During the Call

Focus on four main areas during your discovery call:

  1. Personal – Gathering information about the individual. What is their role at the company? What are their personal responsibilities and priorities?
  2. Current state – What is the main problem right now? What are the specific issues that stem from the main problem?
  3. Operational – How has the problem been addressed before? Why didn’t those solutions work?
  4. Dream state – What would an ideal solution look like? Why hasn’t this ideal solution happened before?


Throughout your conversation, remember your focus: discovering the problem and identifying the ideal solution. You are not there to sell features or benefits. The purpose of the discovery call is to discover, not yet to sell. The information you gain in discovery equips you to deliver the best solution for your prospect’s unique needs.


Leveraging Results: After the Call

The discovery journey isn’t over when you hang up. Keep your momentum going with a follow-up the next day. Confirm your next steps (follow-up call, in-person meeting, demo) and leave them with something they can use. Share best practices to improve their situation, a helpful infographic or whitepaper, or another informative “freebie” to show your commitment to helping them grow.


Directly after your call, add relevant notes to your CRM and set them up on a targeted contact cadence. This cadence should align with their specific audience segment within your CRM and flow into your marketing automation software. The goal is to hit them with a steady drip of conversion-facilitating contact.


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