The Digital Marketing & Sales Data You Need Right Now

by | May 12, 2021 | CRM Management, Marketing Automation, Sales and Marketing Integration

The year 2020 exposed some of the most fragile parts of businesses. Many found a lack of sales and digital marketing investment was one of those weaknesses.

Those who diversified their sales and marketing with digital tactics could rapidly assess shifting metrics. This allowed them to be nimble, taking action and adjusting to swiftly changing trends.

But those who relied on outdated tools or labor-intensive data gathering practices were left behind. If you felt unprepared for the unexpected in 2020, you need to update your practices to gain, interpret, and act on critical data now. Some of the most valuable data you need includes:

Market Data

Market research jumped from valuable to essential over the last year. What worked last month was suddenly irrelevant this month. To stay on top of what’s happening in your target market, you need to set up systems to regularly assess areas like sales cycle, deal size, buying patterns, and customer motivation. Each of these areas determines your prospecting strategy and, if they change, your strategy needs to quickly adjust to keep up.

Customer and Prospect Data

If your team didn’t correctly leverage your CRM this past year, you felt it. The customer and prospect data you gain from correct CRM usage is the raw material you need to craft a winning outreach plan. With your CRM data, you can see which outreach cadences and content are working for which target segments. Quality CRM processes also help you identify critical decision points within the buyer’s journey. If your CRM data is spotty or hard to interpret, you’re operating on educated guesses at best.

Marketing Outreach Data

Marketing and outreach data consists of tracking how prospects and customers come to you and engage with your team and content. Marketing automation is the key tool for monitoring your marketing and outreach data. With marketing automation, you can see how people respond to your market strategies and what lead them to you. And, you can target which content is generating what response, giving you information on how to craft your content pieces moving forward.

Optimize Your Data with NuGrowth Solutions

To gain and interpret data at the highest level, you need the right people, tools, and processes. That’s where the experts at NuGrowth come in. We’re poised to set up, optimize, and operate the essential sales and marketing tools you need. We customize your sales and marketing tools to your business, helping you gather the data you need and creating the reports that make sense to your team.

Discover more about how the NuGrowth team can help you configure your sales tools to fit your business processes. Get in touch by filling out this simple contact form or give us a call at 800.966.3051 to learn more.