The Best of the Best from NuGrowth Solutions’ Outsourced Sales Experts

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

As the #1 outsourced sales as a service provider, we at NuGrowth Solutions have built up a robust library of development resources over the years. Our dedicated sales as a service (SaaS) has provided people, processes, and systems to organizations across industries, helping businesses manage pipelines better and close more deals.

How do we do it? The answer is in our results-driven strategies and top-notch people. Get to know us from a few of our best blogs below.

Our Top 4 Business Development Strategy Posts

Dive into these posts for insights into building and perfecting your business development strategy.

  1. 7 Tactic Groups for Successful Business Development: See how to find a niche and make yourself stand out. This post looks at segments like tradeshows, location proximity, and competitor outreach as untapped markets for your development team.
  2. Proven Outreach Cadence for Successful Business Development: Get advice on which methods to use, what to say, and how long to wait between each outreach.
  3. The Key to A Great Inside Sales Call: Discovery: Find out why discovery is at the core of all sales and the different categories to target during your outreach.
  4. What Your Business Development Team Has Been Missing: The secret is pace and purpose. Discover the importance of creating and maintaining a strategy based on the 10-20-30 rule.

Our Top 3 Pipeline Management Posts

The main goal of your business development strategy is singular: keep your sales pipeline flowing. These blogs cover bringing leads into your pipeline and methods to convert them to sales.

  1. Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Lead Scoring Matrix: The best way to keep your pipeline moving is by acting on the most qualified leads. Get advice on what behaviors to include in your lead scoring matrix, how to gather and analyze scores, and common mistakes to avoid.
  2. The Buying Cycle Breakdown: Segmenting Within Your Buyer’s Journey: Identify milestones in the buyer’s journey to keep your sales pipeline flowing. Get tips on how to segment buyer personas and match them with the most effective content and outreach strategies.
  3. Warming Up Your Cold Calling: Tips for Gaining Leads: Find out how to turn a cold call into a conversation, leveraging it as a jumping-off point to gain critical prospect info. Get insights on how to make a relationship out of a cold call, leading to better-qualified leads and more deals closed.

Get Real Results from the Team at NuGrowth Solutions

All of our development strategy and pipeline management expertise are what make us the #1 sales as a service provider. Proven to increase contact rates by 3x, NuGrowth’s go-to-market strategies, built-in outreach cadence, and buyer persona profiling, among other services bring our clients lasting results.

With real client results like 300% increase in annualized revenue and 170% growth in customer base, we at NuGrowth Solutions are confident our team will increase contact rates, surge sales pipelines, and convert more leads for organizations across industries.

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