From Software as a Service to Sales as a Service

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]In 1999 Marc Benioff started in a rented apartment with a few good developers and a goal of revolutionizing an industry.

“My vision,” Benioff wrote in “Behind the Cloud”, “was to make software easier to purchase, simpler to use, and more democratic without all the complexities of installation, maintenance, and constant upgrades.”

Twelve years later, flying in the face of critics who said it would never work, is a billion dollar industry leader and tops on the Forbes list of Most Innovative Companies, with a five year average net sales growth of 39.5%.

Why? Because their business model made sense.

  • They created a CRM product that could be ramped up and implemented quickly instead of the lengthy process required for traditional Enterprise software.
  • They created a product which was available for the same price ($50 per subscription) to businesses big and small, essentially giving smaller companies a competitive edge previously only enjoyed by larger firms.
  • They created a system where less up-front investment meant less up-front risk for clients.
  • And, by creating a low up-front cost, subscription-based service, they created a model where they had to live up to or exceed customer expectations or they would fail. They had to provide an excellent product and they had to provide excellent service to back it up or their customers would find something better.

From Software as a Service to Sales as a Service

Led, in part, by the overwhelming adoption of SaaS products, and the willingness to trust client data to an outside provider, true outsourced sales firms (think Sales as a Service) like NuGrowth Solutions are fast proving to be an efficient, highly productive and cost effective way of doing business for many of the same reasons that make cloud computing so popular.

The Sales as a Service business model also makes sense.

  • Companies wishing to scale no longer need to make a huge up-front investment to build the sales infrastructure needed to be successful – the sales team, the incentive plans, the territory management plan, the CRM, the metrics, reporting or lead generation activities. Instead they have the flexibility to buy the package – for a fixed, budgetable monthly cost.
  • Traditionally, sales turnover rates are strikingly high. Companies who hire an outsourced sales solution mitigate that risk. Because they are hiring a TEAM not an individual, knowledge does not leave with a rep and the costs of hiring and training are part of that same fixed, budgetable monthly cost.
  • Just as opened the world of CRM software to just about anyone, A virtual sales force like NuGrowth opens doors for smaller companies – giving them access to Fortune 500 talent and systems that they could rarely afford if they had to build a team from scratch.

A real virtual sales solution like NuGrowth’s provides management, structure, process, methodology and discipline for both sales and marketing. It includes hiring, training, implementing a CRM tightly integrated with an effective territory management program, and building all dashboards to measure key metrics every day.

Partner effectively

There is nothing easy about building an effective new business development organization, but with the right partner you can get there. If you are interested leveraging our expert sales and lead gen marketing teams to increase revenue for your business, please contact us via our easy online form or give us a call at 1-800-966-3051.

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A team of innovative, seasoned business development professionals passionately committed to increasing your client base through outsourced marketing and sales services, NuGrowth Solutions helps grow your business by building and leading results-oriented sales teams and implementing end-to-end programs dedicated exclusively to new business acquisition.

Benioff, Marc, and Carlye Adler. Behind the Cloud. First ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009. Print.