Should You Outsource Business Development? Ask These Questions to Find Out

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

The recent coronavirus pandemic has caused a major shift in the way businesses operate throughout the world. While many adjust to this change, we offer this post to help your business decide if outsourcing is the answer to meeting your immediate and long-term needs.

Outsource business development is a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes and stages in their growth cycle. However, many executives and development managers are wary of outsourced development. Whether it’s fear of releasing some control or skepticism about an outsourced team’s skills, organizations that write off an outsourced sales team are missing out on an experience that could radically change the direction of their development trajectory.

Before you dismiss an outsourced business development solution, ask yourself these six questions.

1. Are we starting something new?

Whether it’s starting a new business, expanding to a different market, or ramping up a new product or service, outsourced teams can give you the development boost you need to succeed. Outsourced sales teams are a great testing ground to see how a new product or service will perform or how receptive a market will be to your organization’s offerings.

2. Has your development activity plateaued?

An outsourced sales team can bring the outside perspective you need to discover why development activity has slowed. Outsourced teams have a wealth of experience, paired with technology to capture and analyze data, to dig in and uncover new ways to exploit your strengths and minimize your sales gaps. From generating and qualifying leads to shortening sales cycles and closing deals, outsourced sales teams can hone in and get to the bottom of your concerns.

3. Are you underutilizing your technology?

Outsourced business development organizations are known for being ahead of the tech curve and invested in unleashing the full potential of each tool. Tap into that tech knowledge and leverage an outsourced team to maximize your development tools and train your team on how to do the same.

4. Is your organization siloed?

Cross-departmental communication and collaboration are key for effective development. Customer service needs to talk with design, and sales should be meeting regularly with marketing. An outsourced development team can help you connect across departments to enhance your sales success.

5. Do you need to attack one area of your pipeline more than another?

Outsourced reps are primed to focus in on the areas where you need help the most. With this focus, your in-house reps can continue to cultivate your success areas while outsourced teams address your problem areas. Outsourced reps can manage troubled accounts, grease your pipeline to close new deals, or do net new prospecting as needed. Whether you need help on the front end of the sales cycle or are seeing build-up down the line, outsourced reps can hone in on wherever you need. And, because they’re out of your office, they won’t be pulled into other initiatives that distract from your targeted needs.

6. Are you leveraging an omnichannel approach?

Reaching out across multiple sales and marketing channels is essential in today’s development environment. Outsourced business development teams already know the value of omnichannel and have the tech tools needed to engage in multi-avenue outreach.

7. Do You Need Big bang for your development dollar?

In the end, hiring an outsourced team delivers the biggest development punch for your investment. An outsourced team brings in years of experience, targeted data and analysis, and the latest technology for a fraction of what it costs to hire and train full-time reps. And, outsourced reps have targeted goals and a singular focus on hitting those benchmarks. They’re able to dive deep and come back with results that you can benefit from for years to come.

Why the High ROI?

Get the Outsourced Business Development Solution You Need from NuGrowth Solutions

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, outsourced business development is right for you. At NuGrowth Solutions, we provide solutions around sales management, new business development, sales team training, CRM management, and more. Our partners have seen results like a 20% increase in contact rates and doubling of meeting set rates.

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