Salesforce Support: Equipping Your Team with Salesforce Customization

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Sales Strategy, Salesforce

It may be tempting to think customizations are merely a perk when it comes to your team and your Salesforce CRM. However, personalization and customization are what set Salesforce apart from other CRMs – if you’re not taking advantage, you’re leaving significant opportunity for operational effectiveness on the table.

The right Salesforce support leads to direct impact, with teams seeing a 44% sales productivity increase from expert administration. With a team of Salesforce Certified Administrators, we’ve seen the power of customization at work.

Why Customize Your Salesforce?

The number one reason to customize your Salesforce is simple: when a system works for your team, your team will actually use it. Customization drives team adoption, and adoption is critical to move your Salesforce’s energy from potential to actual. With an actuated Salesforce system, your team can track targeted KPIs and gain insights on daily, weekly, and monthly benchmarks. With customization, you make Salesforce your central development hub.

Which Salesforce Customizations Should You Use?

If you feel overwhelmed by the variety of customization offerings, take a step back and focus in on these essential features:

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Customize pipeline management
  • Define prospect journey
  • Personalize views for each role (i.e., sales rep vs. VP of Sales)
  • Customize dashboards and reports by department, role, etc.
  • Tailor activities (i.e., conversations, meetings held, contact rate)
  • Use third-party integrations (i.e., marketing automation, Geopointe, NuGrowth Accelerator)

Each of these features makes your Salesforce system more intuitive, in turn making it more productive and efficient.

How Do You Get Started with Customizations?

Effective customization starts with identifying your needs and prioritizing your lists. Get an idea from your team on what would be most helpful first and start there. It’s best to use a sandbox environment to create and test each element before bringing it live to your team. Once you do, have defined ways to use each element, including workflows and naming conventions, and train your team to integrate each new feature into their processes.

When Should I Bring in the Experts?

If you’re like most businesses, you’re already balking at the time and resources Salesforce customization may require. That’s why most organizations invest in highly-skilled expert Salesforce support partners to get their customizations up and running.

A provider like NuGrowth can bring you targeted Salesforce customizations without draining current team resources or requiring you to add to your team. With a targeted Salesforce support partner, you gain quick response time, an in-house training and support resource, and innovative ideas, all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new full-time employee.

Discover more on how a Salesforce support partner can help your team hone your system, speed up your workflows, and maximize your strategies. Get in touch at 614.304.3916 or fill out a simple contact form here.