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Whether you are just considering starting on your salesforce journey or have an established system in need of help, NuGrowth Solutions can help you get the most out of your CRM investment. Fully staffed in Columbus, Ohio with over a decade of experience working with the Salesforce platform, NuGrowth is a trusted partner working as an extension of your business.





A highly functional CRM has become an essential tool for managing a successful b2b selling operation.

The challenge with any CRM is getting it set up in a way where the teams responsible for using the system on a day to day basis get the same benefit and value as the management team leveraging the reports and insights. Salesforce is an investment, and making sure that the system is used and achieves the desired outcome during implementation requires a thoughtful plan, and a team experienced in getting the most out of the platform.

Most businesses need a partner who can spend the time to understand their business processes and optimize it for their specific use cases to get the full value out of the platform. As a Salesforce Partner, we work to understand the outcomes you are looking to achieve and use our expertise, and years of best practices to implement the system in a way that works best for your organization.

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We hear from many of our customers that their CRM has become a mess. It is a common issue and there are many ways it can happen: team turnover with the owner of the system, a system launch without essential customizations, too many “cooks in the kitchen” leading to an overbuilt or convoluted process, features or add-ons that have broken or no longer supported, and the biggest culprit—an overload of inaccurate and unorganized data.

A Salesforce Refresh is an opportunity to reset the system and give your teams a clean start to how they use the system.

If you have an investment with Salesforce and aren’t getting what you want out of the system a refresh can help. If your team is spending more time trying to make the system work instead of having the system working for them a refresh can help. If your database is a mess and isn’t able to leveraged in a meaningful way by your sales and marketing teams, a refresh can help.


A functional CRM needs to adapt to the ever growing needs and strategies of a sales and marketing group. Whether it is identifying new targets, adding new features, building new reports, email templates, or dashboards, or adding in process for efficiency, SOMEONE needs to be responsible for making the system meaningful to its users.

For many organizations a full-time administrator is a luxury that doesn’t fit in budget, for others their current administration team is inundated with the daily tasks that prevent them from getting to projects on the wish list.

While all of that is going on, Salesforce is constantly making changes to the platform, adding new features, retiring others, and making underlying modifications which can impact your current setup.

NuGrowth’s Salesforce Administration places an on-demand team to help you with whatever your ongoing CRM needs are. With a variety of specialists in different Salesforce arenas, we can bring in the right team member for your project, when you need them without the commitment of a dedicated headcount.

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