Sales Enablement Content: What it Means and Why You Need It

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Sales Tips

Sales Enablement Content: What is it?

Simply put, sales enablement content are pieces that move prospects through the sales funnel. These can be sales sheets, blog posts, infographics, case studies, or any piece of content you use as part of your development strategy.

Impactful sales enablement content is customized and targeted, meaning it’s specialized for a particular audience segment and designed to motivate prospects to take a specific action (i.e., request more info or schedule a phone call). Sales enablement content is dropped at a strategic time in the buyer’s journey, like after an online quote request or following a discovery phone call. Used in conjunction with your team’s CRM and marketing automation, you can program delivery of each strategic piece of content at the opportune time.

Why Use Sales Enablement Content

Many confuse enablement content with content marketing. Though the big picture concept (using content to influence sales) is similar, the difference is sales enablement content does more than bring in prospects. With sales enablement content, you can:


  • Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Build trust and establish relationships
  • Educate prospects, bringing in more highly-qualified leads
  • Increase brand awareness and credibility
  • Grease your sales pipeline
  • Better equip your team for outreach engagement


In the end, each piece of quality, targeted sales content you produce provides more tools for your team and a better experience for potential customers.


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