Sales as a Service 2020: Five Trends to Stay Ahead of in the New Year

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

A new year signals two things: looking back at what you’ve done and looking forward to where you’ll go. In development, where you go is shaped by your competitors and your customers, tracking the trends in the industry to see what to expect next.

2020 will undoubtedly be a great year of growth and discovery for sales. As we settle into a digitally-driven world with high customer expectations and a drive for personalization, there is much to learn. Here are some of the top sales trends of 2020 and how sales as a service (SaaS) can help.

1) Cold Calling is Back…Sort Of

Though the strictly cold call may be dead, calling is not. It’s about quality over quantity these days, and it’s about data. CRM and marketing data can tell you more about a prospect before you talk to them than ever, and that information makes your “cold” call much warmer.

Data gathering and analysis are game-changers, but they cannot be your only lead qualification tool. There are some intangibles you can learn only through direct interaction with a prospect. With the art of discovery, you can identify pain points, communication preferences, and other quality intel essential to engagement.

How SaaS Can Help

Training is key when it comes to learning how to talk to prospects. Sales as a service teams are fully equipped with the sales and mentorship experience that makes good salespeople great. And, thanks to their outreach expertise, SaaS providers have numerous email, call, and voicemail templates to effectively gain information and trigger follow-up.

2) Personalization and Trust are Key

It’s a given that the more personalized the content or experience, the higher engagement. However, we’ve shifted to a time where personalization is expected, and impersonal experiences are penalized. Studies show 60% of customers are comfortable giving their personal information in exchange for a personalized experience.

However, customers are only willing to give up their personal information if they trust your company. Trust and personalization go hand-in-hand as essential elements for sales success in 2020.

How SaaS Can Help

Sales as a service teams bring in additional experienced members, allowing each salesperson to focus in and provide a more personalized experience for each prospect. SaaS also brings results-driven, customizable content to help move prospects along in the sales journey while establishing trust and a personalized relationship.

3) Quality Training is Essential

For too long, many businesses have overlooked the value of high-quality training. With well-trained talent, you can see an over 350% ROI increase over the next few years. When you focus on building up your sales team, you increase their ability to engage prospects, gather meaningful data, establish trust, and overall associate your brand with quality and success.

How SaaS Can Help

We’ve already hit on the experience found in a sales as a service team, and that experience is not self-contained. SaaS experts are equipped to pass on their knowledge through targeted training and mentorship programs. Through a SaaS training program, your sales team can become self-generating, creating a successful onboarding program for future team members.

4) CRMs Open Doors

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is no longer a nice to have; it’s a need to have. Surveys show over 90% of North American companies have an integrated CRM system to enhance sales. CRM systems tie into personalization as they help teams improve communication between each other and with prospects. This increased communication leads to better data to target prospect preferences.

How SaaS Can Help

CRMs were standard in SaaS long before they were essential tools for the average business. Sales as a service providers can help you leverage CRM marketing capabilities effectively, capturing meaningful data. And, many providers can perform CRM data audits, walk you through implementation, and provide customizations to help your CRM work better for you.

5) Analytics as the New King

Data analysis has taken over the throne as the game-changer in business development. Some may mistakenly point to data as the reigning victor, but data is meaningless without its partner analysis. Tech advances now make it possible to synthesize data quickly and use it for predictive analysis to improve future strategies and campaigns. You can leverage data to mitigate risk, capitalize on niche markets, and turbo-charge lead conversion, among other critical elements.

How SaaS Can Help

Outsourced sales providers have known the power of analysis for years and leverage it in each of their services. A SaaS provider’s long history with data analysis means they can process data faster and see more applications for data analysis. Data analysis is the key to unlocking efficiencies you didn’t know you had, and a SaaS partner can get you there faster.

Finding Your Solution with NuGrowth

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