Developing a Buyer Persona

How to Develop a Buyer Persona

A buyer persona encompasses your target’s role, responsibilities, challenges, & habits providing guidance for your campaign messaging by giving a fuller picture of your buyer.

You can research your ideal consumer through the following four categories.

  1. ROLE
    Researching your buyer’s role uncovers more than her role, it also identifies her company and industry.
    •   What is your target’s role?
    •   What’s his title?
    •   What industry does he work in?
    •   How big is the company she works for
    Your buyer’s responsibilities get to what makes him successful at work, which in turn provides you with information on how your company can help him succeed.
    •   What does success look like in her role?
    •   In his latest purchase, what was her role in the evaluation process?
    •   What is he responsible for?
    By uncovering the challenges he faces day-to-day, you can determine how to position your company and product to be her solution.
    •   What is his status quo— how does your product or service fit into his role?
    •   What are challenges with his status quo?
    •   What challenges does she face daily in his role? In his company?
    •   In his industry?

  4. HABITSThis portion of research determines how you can reach out to your target.
    •   Does she participate in any social networks?
    •   What publications or blogs does he read?
    •   How does he prefer to interact with vendors (by email, phone, or in person)?

How to get the info!

Interview existing customers, prospects, and referrals.

  • Use Linkedin to see what groups and content your contacts like.
  • Use a quote from an interviewee to inject your targets’ voice into the persona.
  • Interview people who have bought from your competition. (consider offering an incentive.)

Buyer Personas Unlock Consumer Behavior

The research that goes into creating your buyer persona can unlock the mystery of your consumers’ behavior. And, using the persona to craft your sales and marketing messaging is the first step to speaking their language, establishing common ground, and starting a mutually beneficial conversation.