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Fundamental Elements of a Sales Machine

Fundamental Elements of a Sales Machince Built to Scale

The economics of the buy, build or both equation. When building a sales machine, costs add up quickly. But if you play it right, a big spend isn’t necessary to win – using the right system and putting the right players in the right places is. There are choices…

Build if you have: BOTH Buy if you have:
  • Money to burn
  • Strong sales leadership
  • Proven scalable model
  • A fully built infrastructure
  • Sales specialization
  • CRM expertise
  • Time
  • Bandwidth
  • A strong lead generation funnel
  • Experience in (and enthusiasm for) effectively leading sales campaigns on all fronts
  • If you have…
    Effective closers and farmers
  • But need…
  • If you have…
    Some organizational pieces in place
  • But need…
    Enthusiasm and expertise for leading sales efforts on all fronts
  • If you have…
    Basic CRM tools
  • But need…
    CRM discipline and accountability
  • At least $150K to invest in your front end
  • A desire to gain market intelligence
  • A strong sales leader, but no specialization underneath
  • A lack of expertise, desire, or bandwidth to build and lead an inside sales team
  • No CRM expertise
  • Not yet identified which market(s)

Consider these results one software company saw in JUST ONE YEAR of working with NuGrowth’s digital marketing and business development teams:

  • 246% increase in closes associated with marketing qualified leads
  • 231% increase in revenue associated with marketing
  • 27% decrease in costs of closing a new opportunity

Partner effectively

When choosing a partner, look for a team with whom your company is culturally aligned, a team you can trust, and a team who can demonstrate proven results in the field.