Find the partner that can “airlift” in a team to deliver immediate and lasting results.

At NuGrowth Solutions, we have the opportunity to work with a wide array of organizations every day. Many business leaders we meet are befuddled by more than the current economic environment. Here’s what we’re hearing:

  1. HUNKER DOWN AND WAIT IT OUT. “CEO A”, faced with the reality of fewer resources, is paralyzed into thinking his only option is to service current clients and wait for the “morning after.”
  2. JUST GET THE CONTRACT SIGNED. “Sales Exec B” has cut his front end and directed his well‐compensated in‐house enterprise reps to focus solely on closing business. They don’t have time to prospect.
  3. WHERE ARE THE SALES? “President C’s” people know their technology. They have impressive domain expertise, but with no experience developing and executing an effective sales/marketing strategy they can’t figure out why they’re not closing deals.

Above the noise of cautious confusion, there is an emerging voice that says, “Carpe Diem.” Now is the time to move. Let everyone else pull back, but I’m investing in new business development and growing my sales efforts so that when things do turn, I’ll have a healthy market share. Organizations with this perspective know that to capitalize on the current environment they must martial the best resources and move quickly. Because timing is so critical many are taking the initiative to outsource key components to accelerate sales performance and improve results.

Now is the time to specialize

Specialization is the fundamental factor in any successful sales and marketing strategy. Specialization starts with re‐focusing your sales and marketing efforts: assessing your people, your processes, and your ROI. You may be facing some tough choices. Chances are you need to make your front end lighter and faster, and deploy scarce resources wisely. At the same time, you need systems to support these activities and manage your organization toward the goals you’ve set, then analyze your results. Now is the time to focus on the future.

“CEO A” agrees: “Like everybody else, we had to make some serious cuts. And nobody’s buying right now. But smart money says ‘Be ready.’ With NuGrowth, we’re seriously prospecting, keeping our name in front of decision makers through regular email marketing, and working hard to nurture every connection so we know what’s going on. We’re finding out who the right people and organizations are. Getting to know their businesses inside and out. Cementing relationships. Capturing every opportunity. Building the database and following up. Because when the economy comes back, there won’t be time to play catch‐up.”

Specialization means strategically investing in your business’ front end. It’s important to build and maintain activity in all aspects of the sales cycle, including market development/prospecting; pipeline development/qualifying; and client acquisition/closing. Each part contributes to the effectiveness of your whole sales organization. Balance them, and their positive momentum will carry you forward.

Now is the time to invest in your future.

“Sales Exec B” knows that well: “We’ve got a strong sales team, but while they were concentrating on closing deals, nobody was teeing up the next sale. That made me realize nobody can do it all well. If we’re going to succeed, we have to keep the pipeline full. Somebody has to be prospecting every day. Day in and day out. Not distracted. Not wearing multiple hats. Just effectively and purposefully calling into the marketplace. For us, that’s NuGrowth.”

Outsource the specialties you need.

It’s that age‐old question: Should you build or buy? Building means essentially starting from scratch and – and diluting your focus in the process. Buying means finding the right partner and “airlifting” in a solution to achieve results in the shortest possible timeframe.

It all comes down to your bottom line.

Focus on doing what you do best, and invest in finding a partner to fill in the areas where you currently lack expertise – maybe keeping that pipeline full, capitalizing on eMarketing, or developing and executing an effective sales or business development strategy.

“President C” says it this way: “I tried a lot of tactics and hired a lot of sales guys over the last few years. It never worked, but I couldn’t figure out where the problem was. NuGrowth analyzed my operation and airlifted in people and systems for our new business development. My guys retained all their relationships; we didn’t give up anything. But we gained a strategy and the processes to get better about 18‐months faster than we could ever have done it on our own…”

Step up and step out

Out in the marketplace those seizing the day are setting the pace. They’re proving that moving forward purposefully is good business. All over the country, organizations are looking within their markets and supply chains, seeking those who will lead the way into the future. When you have visibility, when you’re out there in front, you naturally become that leader.

Market leaders know it’s easier to be heard when there’s less noise. While others are withdrawing, waiting and hoarding, leading organizations are aggressively investing now to gain reach, strengthen relationships and position themselves for the future.

And, not surprisingly, their specialized sales and marketing strategies make the difference in their ROI.

As “CEO A” says, “We know our market. We know our market share. And we know what we need that share to be. We’ve made the straight, economic decision to outsource key components of our sales effort through NuGrowth. It costs the same, but we’re already seeing better results. For us, it’s smart money that we expect to see directly impact the bottom line.”