Outsourced Sales FAQs

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

At NuGrowth, we understand that making the decision to hire an outsourced sales team is not always an easy one. As with any big investment, many questions arise concerning added value, cost, timeline, and results.

To help your company, we’ve compiled a list of concerns we hear from prospects evaluating whether to outsource their sales. We hope these frequently asked questions (and their answers) will provide you insight into how sales force outsourcing can benefit your company.

How is outsourced sales different from telemarketing?

Good sales is not just making calls, it’s making connections with qualified leads. A dedicated outsourced sales model incorporates a fully trained sales team, intelligent CRM software customized to suit your sales cycle, and a honed, results-driven process.

How can an outside sales team communicate my company mission and brand effectively?

Outsourced sales reps are only effective when they know and communicate what makes your company unique. The best teams provide the engine for sales lead management and lean on you for the domain and organization expertise.

Why hire an outsourced sales team when I can just buy leads lists?

The difference between a leads list and lead outsourcing lies in the quality of leads. With an outsourced lead management team, leads are well vetted and sales ready before they are passed to your team.

Should I hire an outsourced sales team or build internally?

Multiple factors come in to play when considering buy vs. build, including current infrastructure, training, systems, and management expertise. Building a sales machine means investing significant time, money and resources, while buying rolls these pieces into one package.

What can an outsourced team offer that we can’t do internally?

The biggest assets an outsourced team can provide are specialization, established and successful systems, an outside perspective, and speed to market. Most NuGrowth clients find these key features provide the spark needed to get their sales moving forward.

Isn’t it less expensive to build my own sales team?

In the short term, it may seem less expensive to build a sales team. The cost of hiring recent college grads as inside sales reps is minimal, but the price begins to rise as training, resources, and the reality of their steep learning curve set in. The NuGrowth model incudes sales management, sales coaching, CRM implementation and support team, and a fully built marketing team at one set cost. When you factor in the opportunity cost associated getting a fully functioning internal team up and running productively, the cost of outsourcing becomes lower still.

How is success measured?

Each market and industry is unique and constantly changing, meaning success is measured in different ways. At NuGrowth, we consult with our clients to gain insight on the current market and set specific, measurable, attainable goals, including benchmarks along the way. These benchmarks signal points to reevaluate based on the changing market and adapt as needed.

When will I see a return on my investment and what should I expect?

Again, this depends on the industry and market. The sales cycle for each varies, and results won’t be seen until at least a few cycles are complete. The essential element here is time: the best results take investment and patience, leading to long lasting rewards.

All your questions can be answered by partnering right

These questions are just the beginning of your sales reform process. Ultimately, your company needs a sales partner to answer concerns that come up along the way and work side by side with you for the best results.

At NuGrowth, we work with each client to create and reach their goals, and have an impressive track record to prove it. To get connected today, contact us at 800.966.3051 or fill out our simple contact form.

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Author: Jeff Tillar

Jeff leverages 17 years’ sales experience in business development and opportunity management to uncover new relationships for NuGrowth. As a sales coach, Jeff’s ability to communicate value with purpose and clarity also allows him to help sales executives develop their business development skills.