NuGrowth Solutions Offers Unique Career Opportunities

by | Nov 21, 2014 | NuGrowth Community, Organizational Development

Culture of continuous learning and development empowers achievement.

“It is a competitive environment, but you don’t win from someone else losing.

You win when everyone wins.”

A focus on the individual often isn’t a high priority for many organizations. NuGrowth Solutions, of Columbus, Ohio, is a company that has found great success by making it one.

NuGrowth has built their foundation on the belief that a team can only thrive when each and every member succeeds. To ensure this success, embracing a culture of learning is a key focus of the organization.

Upon joining the NuGrowth team, associates realize the opportunities that are afforded by working for a company that values personal growth. Rather than rote, “one-size-fits-all” training, associates are able to meet with and learn from anyone and everyone in the organization—access to the leadership team is hugely important. As an example of this, CEO Greg Tillar is currently leading weekly classes open to all employees.

The classes are part of NuGrowth University, an ever-developing curriculum of classes that follow a career development model. Subjects cover everything from industry and product knowledge to career and personal growth.

“NuGrowth University is special because the majority of the courses are taught by current associates. This allows the teachers to not only share from a place of expertise but passion,” Tillar explains.

NuGrowth frequently hires sales candidates that are freshly out of school, finding that their desire to learn and grow aligns in harmony with the organization’s goals. New sales executives will have a sales coach to lean upon for guidance, feedback, and further training. Often, that executive will in turn become a sales coach down the road. Finding and developing leaders from within is key to NuGrowth.

By cultivating an atmosphere of learning and achievement, NuGrowth can trust that associates are empowered to be leaders. One might think that a team full of leaders wouldn’t work well together. Beth Wenning, Director of Organization Development, states to the contrary, “It is a competitive environment, but you don’t win from someone else losing. You win when everyone wins.”

NuGrowth is always on the lookout for top talent, and interviews sales executives year-round. If interested, please email orgdev(at)nugrowth(dot)com.

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