NuGrowth Solution’s Business Development Toolkit

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of businesses of varying sizes and industries. Yet, our team comes up against recurring business development problems that each has in common. Some of the typical sticking points include:

  • Keeping up with a changing market
  • Defining a strategy
  • Finding and retaining top talent
  • Determining best marketing strategies and resources
  • Bringing in new business, retaining business, or expanding current business
  • Understanding technology function and best use

To address these problems, we put together a toolkit of the essential business development items any company needs to tackle these issues.

Sales Team Mentorship and Training

When we encounter a business struggling with finding and retaining talent, we ask, “Why?”. Usually, it boils down to a poorly equipped team. Successful teams are built from the inside out, solidified with dedicated training, team-building, and mentorship. With a solid foundation, your sales team will build a winning combination of skills and confidence that attracts others.

NuGrowth’s upper management team takes an active role in the hiring, training, and development of all our team members, from sales reps to seasoned sales managers. We focus on building team support with managers who have come up through our ranks, acting as both mentor and coach. This serves to teach and empower the team by building on strengths and establishes a team-driven purpose to succeed.

CRM Strategy and Process

Part of a development team’s tech frustrations stems from a lack of vision on why and how to use the technology itself. You may know you need a CRM, but do you know why? Invest in understanding how your CRM system works and why it’s valuable to your business.

Once you have base knowledge, it’s time to establish a strategy for how you’ll leverage your CRM for your unique needs. Our NuGrowth team leverages our custom CRM development app, NuGrowth Accelerator. The NuGrowth Accelerator app is designed to harness the power of CRM data and streamline it into customized, easy-to-digest KPI reporting so your team can maximize results in less time.

Data and Analytics

Another piece of the tech-confounding issue is a lack of understanding around data and analytics. If your team can harness data reporting and analyze results, you’ll unlock a whole new level of achievement. It again comes down to your CRM: gain an understanding of how you’re inputting and processing prospect and customer data. Identify ways to improve your process to achieve better, clearer results.

We saw businesses struggling with this central piece of development tech and found our expertise could bring that small change needed to unlock CRM power. NuGrowth offers Salesforce CRM support at every stage. We help businesses implement a new system, refresh current data management and processes, and take over upkeep and support as needed. When companies leverage their CRM effectively, they discover how to do more, better.

Outreach and Marketing

When it comes to marketing, many development teams struggle to keep up with rapidly changing methods and tools. Our digitally-based world makes it difficult for today’s effective methods to work tomorrow. However, we can look to templates and adaptable strategies to stay evergreen. Create content pieces that can be updated to fit different industries, markets, and distribution tools. Establish strategies that can transcend tools, focusing on big-picture steps and methods.

One of our most popular and effective outreach strategies are our Tactic Group Outreach campaigns. These 90-day campaigns are crafted to target different “big picture” segments like client proximity and lost opportunities, bolstered with outreach content templates easily adapted to each individual industry and prospect. We employ proven outreach tactics for each segment and include constant data reporting, analysis, and feedback to continually perfect methodology and results.

Get the Tools You Need from NuGrowth

Whether it’s your team, your tech, or your tactics, the experts at NuGrowth can provide the custom solution your business development needs to succeed. Hear from our clients and check out our development resources to find out more.