NuGrowth Solutions and Act-On Software Host Joint Webinar on Lead Scoring

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Act-On, CRM Management, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Salesforce | 0 comments

NuGrowth Solutions and marketing automation partner Act-On hosted an educational webinar on February 18, 2014 discussing the groundbreaking techniques they are using to drive and cultivate leads for their clients and educating viewers on how to turn their websites into lead marketing machines. Topics covered include: methods for increasing lead quality, understanding lead interactions, and driving lead conversion to revenue.

The webinar, entitled “Lead Scoring: The Science of Sales Conversion” is now available on demand at http://www.IntegratedMarketingSummit.comhttp://www.BrightTalk.com, and

Lead scoring and marketing automation tools can really change the game if used well,” said NuGrowth Executive Vice President, Paul Fuller.

“From a sales rep’s perspective, having real time data about what prospects are interested in is critical to driving strong conversations and relationships. From a marketing perspective, it gives a way to measure interest in the content that is being generated. From an executive perspective, you can now have a better idea than ever of the return that your marketing dollars generate, and how your brand is resonating in market.”

The webinar hits all these points, taking a deep dive into the “how to” behind lead scoring and how it can be used to drive increased collaboration between sales and marketing. Rather than dive into hypotheticals, the presenters feature a case study of how the NuGrowth Solutions team has effectively used lead scoring to:

  •     identify hot leads,
  •     rank and score them based on demographic, profile, and behavioral characteristics, and
  •     ensure prompt follow-up and tracking of these leads.

Chuck Rue, Manager, Sales & Marketing Automation at NuGrowth Solutions summed up the event, saying, “working with Act-On has been beneficial for us. We were excited about the opportunity to host the webinar; it was right in our ballpark. Marketing Automation and Lead Scoring technology are critical to the new game of sales, and our best practices definitely involve working with Act-On to optimize these processes.”

NuGrowth Solutions is member of the Act-On Partner Exchange (APEX) as an agency partner. The partnership’s aim is to make positive market impressions and further extend marketing automation to over five million small business that have historically not adopted state of the art marketing and sales technology – commonly referred to as “The Fortune Five Million.”

NuGrowth Solutions expertise in marketing automation and lead scoring is used to empower sales teams with data driven marketing. When people ask what they can do to best support their inside sales teams, a strong digital content plan and a well thought out lead scoring program is the best answer. Find out more about how to become an expert in the science of sales conversion by viewing the webinar today. For more information please visit