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Is your marketing automation investment delivering the results you expect?

Seeing consistent growth in scored leads, content interaction, and organic traffic? Are you able to leverage your tool’s customization and reporting options to get the insight you need?

NuGrowth is a service organization with marketing automation expertise. We can provide technical training, strategic consulting, or augment your team’s bandwidth with our full content creation team: whatever you need to get the marketing results you expect from your automated programs.

Actual Client Results:

Growth in scored leads in 8 months

NuGrowth helps you answer the 3 big questions needed to unlock the potential of marketing automation tools.

Do you have a plan in place?

Marketing automation platforms work best in the context of a comprehensive marketing strategy. We’ll help you get there, working together to understand, clarify, and document your organization’s marketing landscape:

  • Breaking your list of potential buyers into meaningful segments.
  • Creating buyer profiles to understand the decision-makers and influencers within your key segments.
  • Crafting concise, compelling value propositions that communicate your solutions to the challenges your buyers face.
  • Building your marketing calendar, outlining all your activities months in advance.
  • Defining success through meaningful metrics and KPIs.

Do you have content to feed the plan?

Sports cars run best on high-octane fuel. Automated marketing programs run best on high-octane content. Excellent content blasts through your leads’ clutter and creates a connection. Is your plan built on a strong foundation of content that matters to your audience? We can provide a comprehensive content audit to help you identify any gaps, and have a team of strategist, writers, designers, and web experts on hand to close those gaps quickly.

Does your team have the expertise to execute?

When it is time to execute, does your team have the needed bandwidth? Do you have enough people with the expertise needed to keep your marketing machine running smoothly?

NuGrowth’s team can help here too. We can support wherever needed:

  • Need help creating messages that make an impact? Our strategists, writers, and designers follow a structured process for consistently compelling results.
  • Looking to hone your online presence? Our web developers help craft web pages that works to attract organic traffic and score leads.
  • Want to improve deliverability? Our infrastructure experts insure that your lists are properly tagged and segmented, and that you are able to deliver messages consistently. We connect you to clean, actionable data.


"Our partnership with NuGrowth has enabled us to develop and deliver targeted digital messages to a diverse manufacturing market. Our sales efforts are now focused on quality leads, improving efficiency and effectiveness."

− Bruce Fawcett, Executive Director of OH!Manufacturing

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