Marketing Automation: Helping Bring Sales and Marketing Together

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Act-On, CRM Management, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Sales and Marketing Integration | 0 comments

Sales and marketing work separately all too often. The more sales and marketing can work together, though, the more productive both will be. Tight cooperation will result in sales having warmer leads and marketing putting better messaging in front of the right people.

It takes time and effort to bring these two parts of your organization together. That investment of time and effort is repaid many times over when sales and marketing are working well together, but marketing automation tools can help speed the process along. Marketing automation helps tie sales and marketing tightly together, providing the sales team with actionable information to guide sales activities.

Gathering Data

Instead of hitting a new territory with marketing and hoping those impressions will lead to greater success of your sales team, marketing automation tools can provide your sales team with real-time, actionable information to prioritize their sales activities. It’s possible to gather how long a leads spends on your site, how many pages they visited, or even if they’re on the site right now. Many marketing automation tools will also help you sort this information by factoring this it into a calculation to determine which leads are the hottest. Without marketing automation, that information is unavailable or very time intensive to retrieve and give to the sales team.

Sending Targeted Messaging

In addition to helping gather more information to guide sales activities, the “automation” in marketing automation will help you get the right message in front of the right person. Marketing automation tools allow you to automate which message recipients receive. These powerful tools allow you to collect information about someone, and then use that information to make sure they are sent the most effective messaging. This ability will increase the effectiveness of your marketing, so when your sales team calls someone who has receive four emails in the past month, they were the appropriate emails to best prepare that person to engage in the sales process.

Putting It Together

Without the right people and processes, however, the best tools go to waste. It is essential to have a marketing team that understands how to best utilize marketing automation to help the sales process, and a sales team that understands how to use that information to guide their sales process. Without an efficient sales process, marketing automation isn’t worth anything. However, when a lean sales machine is fueled by highly targeted marketing and real-time data, sales-effectiveness can really take off.

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