Marketing Automation and CRM: The Two Prongs of Your Sales Pipeline Strategy

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Sales and Marketing Integration, Sales Strategy

As a development manager, your sales pipeline strategy is always on your mind. You want it to grow and move, yet are constantly assessing how.

Marketing Automation: Gain, Nurture, and Qualify

Marketing automation software is designed to streamline and automate marketing tasks. Leverage marketing automation to gain new leads with targeted outreach campaigns and nurture leads in the funnel. Schedule and track each campaign and use the data you acquire to qualify leads as sales-ready. Some of marketing automation’s main benefits include:

CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems) bring that human touch. The human connection brings the personalization prospects need to become customers. While marketing automation provides context on where a lead came from and what they’re interested in, a CRM helps you implement a targeted outreach strategy to bring the lead home. Critical CRM uses include using it to:

  • See the complete prospect journey, including the last contact
  • Understand a particular individual’s or segment’s interest and concerns
  • Receive daily reminders to stay in touch and follow-up at a determined pace
  • Send alerts to remind of scheduled calls, meetings, renewal dates, or other important events in the prospect or customer’s life

CRMs leverage the data gained in marketing automation to move the prospect through the final critical stages in the funnel.

Gain the Value of Both with NuGrowth Solutions

We know the power of the CRM and marketing automation combo; we’ve worked with both to jump-start and refresh development strategies for numerous companies across a variety of industries.

As our expertise grew, we added tools to grease the wheels of the CRM-marketing automation machine. The latest is our NuGrowth Accelerator app for Salesforce®: a Salesforce app designed to bring the marketing automation go-to-market campaign data right to your Salesforce system.

With the Accelerator, we’ve seen results like three times the contact rate and a doubling of meeting set rates as compared to industry standards. To find out more about how the NuGrowth team and our Accelerator sales solution can fill your calendar, get in touch at 614-304-3917 or