Manufacturing and Sales as a Service: What Outsourced Brings to America’s Business

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Sales as a Service

The state of manufacturing has evolved over the last decade. Rapid tech advances accelerated speed-to-market, and product demand increased in some industries and decreased in others. At the end of 2019, Deloitte put out a report stating manufacturing “overall deal value has increased by almost 35%” while “volume decreased by almost 30%”. The authors go on to say that manufacturing companies that diversify their portfolios and business models were the most likely to succeed in this ever-changing market.

Are you ready to meet the challenges of a changing market?

Is your business diversified? Are you ready to make the distribution, system, or product changes necessary for growth? Sales as a service can help.

Whether you’re concepting new products, working with distributors, or selling direct, sales as a service providers can bring the teams and tools to support your growth goals.

1. Identify opportunities

Outsourced sales as a service teams are built to identify new business. Market research is a core sales service offering, leveraged to pinpoint the intersection of market need and company strengths. Many firms look to outsourced sales teams to conduct the market analysis needed to illuminate the right opportunities for their business.

2. Attract new business

Sales as a service teams not only identify new business; they work to bring that business to your door. Customized outreach strategies draw on company strengths and values, positioning messaging to target prospect pain points.

3. Convert leads

Another valuable service outsourced teams provide is lead conversion. Whether it’s working with your in-house team or building a new team of outsourced reps, sales as a service providers bring the expertise to turn phone calls into meetings and meetings into sales.

4. Build lasting infrastructure

Quality sales as a service providers not only bring in expert sales methodology, they provide lasting infrastructure with custom tools, systems, and content. Personalized CRM and marketing automation bring lasting value to any firm, equipping them with everything they need to continue effective development management for years to come.

Find the Service You Need from NuGrowth Solutions

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