Looking for a Career in Marketing? See Where You May Fit

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Organizational Development

As human resource professionals at a rapidly growing, outsourced sales and marketing organization, my colleagues and I have the opportunity to recruit at some of the best universities in the state and meet with very talented upcoming graduates.

When recruiting on behalf of NuGrowth Digital, we find that there are a lot of students looking for a career in Marketing. Marketing is a great field to be in and there is a lot of opportunity—yet the word marketing is in no way a catch-all term for a career, it’s more of a bucket that encompasses many different careers. Think of it this way:  Saying you want a career in Marketing is a lot like saying you want a career in Medicine.  Should your interests lie in the medical field, you likely wouldn’t stop at “Medicine,” you’d continue with, I want to be a Doctor, Nurse, Physician’s Assistant, Medical Researcher… and specialize in pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology, hematology, etc.

We recommend you consider Marketing in the same manner.  What do you want to specialize in?  For some, the answer is easy.  Others need to spend some time understanding all of the options. They are enjoying their marketing classes and have an appreciation for understanding why the consumer buys— they can relate because they have lived it. Beyond that, however, they need to consider the skills they posses that will enable them to come in and make an immediate impact for their new employer.

Do you write?  Do you design? Are you technical?  Love programming?  Maybe you have an analytic mind and want to develop reports and manage data?  There are a lot of avenues.

View current openings here.

Of course a paycheck is important, but most of us out here in our careers would also stress how important it is to understand what it is you want to do.   There can be a lot of trial and error to finding out once you graduate.  So, make the most of the opportunities available to you now to figure out what that is.  Get an internship, take a writing class, learn a programming language.  The main thing is to find out what you can do and learn the skills to ensure a specialized marketing career you can grow into.

Here at NuGrowth Digital we have put together this e-guide – highlighting profiles of the types of team members that represent the various roles in our organization. Take a look at see what they do. See what attributes we look for in each of the roles – then decide if you think you are a good fit.

And, while extremely important, job description is not really the only thing you should look at. Other things to consider are company team and culture.   As recruiters, we always consider character and competence when evaluating a potential teammate.  What can they do? and…What will they do once they join the team?  We know culture is important to the candidates out there, and it’s just as important to us.  Our company hosts a learning environment focused on continuous improvement with a shared mission of delivering results to our clients.  We work with many young professionals and have strong leadership and experienced professionals willing to share knowledge and keep learning together.

Read guide here.

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Beth Wenning is Director of Organizational Development at NuGrowth Solutions and NuGrowth Digital. Her innate relational and personnel development strengths are augmented by broad expertise in account management, new business sales, operations, customer service, recruiting, training, event planning and promotion.