Executing an effective, sales effort requires a whole lot more than hiring a sales representative or two. It requires leadership, strategy, systems, implementation and continual refinement. As your outsourced sales partner, NuGrowth provides all that and more – with full cycle marketing support from our wholly integrated digital marketing team. If you are interested in leveraging our outsourced sales team to generate sales leads and increase B2B sales revenue for your business, please contact us. We’ll show you how we can help.

As part of the overall territory management plan, we will structure your CRM to provide a birds-eye view of the pipeline at all times. We’ll consistently review and track pipeline activity, qualify and segment prospect lists, look for patterns, adjust according to what we learn and extract key data to facilitate integrated marketing programs to very targeted prospects.

We use a very specific methodology used to determine how leads are segmented and released, where they fit in the pipeline, when they should be treated as active sales prospects and when they should be turned over to marketing for nurturing. Not only does this streamline the sales process, it also drives targeted messaging.

As part of our overall territory management plan, we pull in our marketing team to build and consistently execute effective, segmented lead generation marketing and targeted email campaigns to support the sales efforts, build the brand and communicate a consistent story to your prospects with a dedicated cadence.

View our infographic on territory management.

NuGrowth’s structured systems and disciplined execution make it possible to ramp up your sale efforts with higher ROI and faster speed-to-market

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Results from Actual Clients

increase in annualized revenue

increase in customer base

increase in monthly recurring revenue

growth in revenue per customer

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