Inside Sales Solutions: The Five Part Outreach Approach


When it comes to inside sales, veterans and newcomers alike struggle with the same thing: prospect outreach. Outreach is the critical connection between a lead in a pipeline and a new customer. We’ve got the insides sales solution to help you make that connection: an intentional outreach cadence.

The Five-Part Outreach Approach

Effective prospect outreach comes from a combination of tested cadence and templates coupled with careful personalization. Your jumping-off point is a carefully crafted email and call cadence to keep prospected engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

The key to effective outreach is two-fold: sincerity and personalization. Each message should convey your genuine interest in getting to know a prospect and helping them achieve their goals. Personalization goes hand-in-hand with this sincerity to discover more and aid them in their efforts.

Essential Outreach Templates

Our proven
outreach approach
has warmed up previously cold sales pipelines time and
again. The spark is in the dedicated outreach structure coupled with a focus on
prospect, rather than salesperson, benefit.

1st Attempt: Introduction

This is your first email contact, following a phone call. Start
with a call first
, keeping both email and phone options open till you
discover the prospect’s preferred communication method.

In this email, reference your call or voicemail and add two
to three bullet points of impressive results or differentiating services you
offer. Conclude by asking if you can send along other helpful material. This
focus on providing something for them, rather than a call or meeting that would
mostly benefit you, establishes your sincerity emphasis on helping.

2nd Attempt: Curiosity

The prospect knows who you are at this point. Your goal now
is to keep communication going and try to find
out more about their specific needs

Hi (Name),

This is (your name) from (your department) at (your company).

As a reminder, (your company) works with similar companies like (client
examples), and we have been helping others in the area meet their marketing

As we understand, you are the (Title), and we’re curious to learn about any marketing
strategy, implementation, or design challenges you are currently facing and
share how (your company) has helped similar businesses like (examples in their
area) by providing custom solutions that deliver results.

We’re interested in learning about your existing customer experience, as well
as sharing with you our innovative solutions.

Do you have any time in (month) for a phone call?

Looking forward to connecting,


3rd Attempt: Email Forward

Your third contact is more of a nudge. There are a multitude
of reasons why a prospect hasn’t responded at this point, and you don’t want to
alienate them with pushing too hard. A simple forward of your last email brings
the information to the top of their inbox without being too aggressive.


Not sure if you got my last email, are you interested in
having a conversation?

Have a great rest of your day!


4th Attempt: Reciprocity

Now it’s time to provide
extra incentive for the prospect
: give them something, such as an eGuide or
product sample, that will benefit them whether or not you work together. This
pure gift shows your company’s expertise and your genuine interest in

You can add in a soft ask to connect, such as “if you’re
available in the coming weeks, we’d appreciate the opportunity to meet and
share more on how we can help you meet your marketing goals.”
remain focused on providing a benefit for them.

5th Attempt: Hail Mary

This is your last-ditch attempt (for now). There is such
a thing as too much outreach in a given time period. If a prospect hasn’t responded
at all by now, chances are low they’ll respond after a sixth, seventh, or
eighth contact. Throw your Hail Mary pass! If the prospects responds, move them
along in the sales journey. If they don’t, move them to your re-engage list to
start contact again at another time.

Hi (Name),

As a follow up to my previous messages, are you still
(title) at (Account Name)?

I was hoping you could help me out and direct me to the
correct person at (Account Name) who would handle marketing in your (branch
name, location, etc.).

Thank you, (Name), we appreciate your help.

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