Increase Your Reach and Response with These Email Marketing Tools

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Email marketing tools have evolved since the first official email marketing message was sent back in 1978. Deliberate, strategized email marketing didn’t come into full force till the 1990s. Soon after, regulations monitoring the practice came into play, marking the impact and importance of this digital marketing method.

Since then, email marketing tools and practices continue to improve, adding analytics and adapting to the rise in mobile use among other innovations. Check these types of email marketing tools to see if your team is utilizing the most effective methods in this almost 40-year-old practice.

Send Your Message with Email Delivery Platforms

If you’re just starting out with email marketing, these delivery tools offer ease of use and point of entry pricing to make it accessible. These systems don’t have the power of a marketing automation solution, but can get you started sending campaigns to your audience.  Top platforms and some of their notable features include:

  • Constant Contact – Offers mobile-ready templates and social media integration.
  • MailChimp – Provides an online customer support community and live chat.
  • Campaign Monitor – Allows for A/B testing and survey creation.
  • Vertical Response – Features demographic segmentation and mobile-ready templates.

Segment and Track Leads with Marketing Automation

Email marketers benefit from the lead targeting and progress monitoring marketing automation tools provide. Marketing automation allows you to adapt messages based on campaign types and where customers lie in your sales funnel. Plus, automation tools generally integrate with other digital platforms, such as your website or CRM, for more robust analytics. Key automation tools include:

  • Act-On – Executes CRM, marketing automation, email delivery, and webinar hosting among other services.
  • Pardot – Integrates with Salesforce CRM for a marketing automation + CRM duo.
  • Eloqua – Links with Chrome for enhanced prospect research and includes built-in ROI calculator.
  • Hubspot – Aids in replenishing database, connects email delivery directly to goals, and creates personalized website content based on lead scores.

Recent stats show 49% of companies are using marketing automation, including 55% of B2B companies

Get Your Message Through with Testing Tools and Database Management

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…but test first! There are a number of testing tools that now make it possible for you to optimize inbox placement and improve delivery before hitting the send button.

Examples include:

  • Litmus – Provides previews in over 50 email clients, allowing you to make adjustments that adapt in real time for instant feedback. Excellent for testing designs and load time.
  • 250ok –Delivers information on inbox placement and spam filter diagnostics. Good for improving delivery and reducing opt-outs.
  • EmailonAcid – Includes previewing in multiple email clients and mobile devices. Perfect for seeing how long prospects view messages and their follow-up actions.

Keep a Clean Send List with Database Management

No matter how great your messages look, if they’re sent to a bad address they’re worthless. Database management tools will automatically update your contact list for a sure-send each time.

With an average 30% of subscribers changing their email annually, it’s important to ensure your lists are up to date and clean.

  • NetProspex – Analyzes and assess data before starting campaigns, cleansing it and addressing hygiene issues before moving to enhanced targeting.
  • Webbula – Maintains message hygiene by identifying possible list duplicates, bounces, undeliverable addresses, and spam traps. Protects your sender reputation and keeps you safe from black and gray listings.
  • SiftRock – Allows you to filter auto replies, scheduling new send dates for out of office and capturing updated addresses from new contact information replies. Adds to your database, and allows you to automatically categorize all replies to email marketing.

Make the Connection: NuGrowth Digital

Whether you’re using some or all of these tools, the key is connecting your email marketing with your sales efforts. At NuGrowth Digital, the sales-marketing connection is our number one priority. With roots as a sales organization, NuGrowth Digital generates well-qualified leads through a combination of careful strategy, strong content, and broad distribution backed by state-of-the-art systems. Contact us at 800-966-3051 to find out more.