Importance of Sales Coaching

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Sales Coaching

Incompetent salespeople are all around us. This is something that we deal with on an almost day-to-day basis. Many of them do not realize they are bad and many cannot help it because they have never been properly taught. Sure, they’ve been handed a sales quota and taught about the products they have to push, but they probably haven’t been taught to take the customer into consideration. And it shows.

While the lack of skilled sales people is a negative for their prospects and clients, it presents an opportunity for those of us who sell with a customer-focused attitude.

Educated Buyers

Recent data has gone as far to say that in today’s B2B sales environment, prospective buyers have already completed 90% of the sales cycle before ever talking to a sales executive. So how do we as sales professionals make sure we are on the same page as our prospective clients and avoid their generally negative preconceived notions of working with a sales rep? At NuGrowth we believe it starts and ends with the processes set in place to foster development amongst the sales team.

Sales Coaching

Strong organizations don’t just train their sales team, they coach them. Coaching fosters the ability to learn and adapt to an ever-changing environment. It also serves to solidify the team as the coaches and managers become a major factor in the growth of each member of the sales team.

It’s very easy to compare sales to sports. If we look at every championship winning team across professional and colleges sports, behind them is always a great coach. It is on the coach to make sure his players and practicing and perfecting their craft on a daily basis. It is on the coach to help shoulder the burden should things get a little rocky. It is on the coach to provide that extra motivation  (or attitude adjustment) when needed.

In sales the practice and motivation is a little different, but the goal is still to get a win. Both players and employees will perform at the highest level if they are motivated and if they feel as if what they are doing has a purpose.  And as this pattern continues to repeat itself, a strong culture is created within an organization. This ultimately leads to better morale, more quality candidates (better recruits), a stronger team, and higher sales figures.

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