How to Pick the Right Metrics for Your Business

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation, Sales and Marketing Integration, Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

The saying is simple but true: what gets measured gets done.

Applying the right metrics will give you the information you need to accomplish your business growth objectives. By choosing the correct key performance indicators (KPIs), you’ve taken the first step in reaching your goal.

So how do you choose the proper metrics?

We created this eGuide, 5 Numbers That Answer Your Questions About Sales, to help you focus on and apply the metrics that matter to your business.

Read it to learn the target numbers for:

  • Calls per opportunity
  • Calls per conversation
  • Conversations per appointment
  • Appointments per opportunity
  • Pipeline value

By choosing a partner that is experienced in analyzing these numbers, you’ll have a sales team that is dedicated to helping your business grow. Contact NuGrowth for a development teams that is supported with marketing—to generate leads, build pipelines and increase sales for your organization.