How to Map Your Sales & Marketing Activities to the Buyer Journey (And More)

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Marketing Automation, Marketing Strategy

Sales and MarketingOur blog post, Marketing Automation: Helping Bring Sales and Marketing Together, hit the high points on why and how sales and marketing need to work together to be effective—and the role marketing automation plays in making that happen. Our latest eGuide takes that discussion further, demonstrating how by working in unison, these two disciplines can optimize sales performance and build a scalable sales machine.

Read it to learn:

  • How to map your sales and marketing activities to the buyer’s journey
  • The metrics to track to gauge success
  • Call to conversion ratios to expect
  • How to increase success

There is quite a bit that goes into a synergized sales and marketing effort that consistently produces results. If you’d rather focus on what you do best and leave the sales and marketing to the experts, consider leveraging NuGrowth’s sales and marketing as a service model. When you hire NuGrowth, you get a dedicated sales and marketing team acting as an extension of your company—and a proven model built to scale quickly. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form on the right.