How to Grow Business with Sales as a Service: Engineering Consulting Firm EWI

by | Sep 29, 2021 | CRM Management, Sales and Marketing Integration, Sales as a Service

As a sales as a service provider, we often encounter two questions about sales as a service. Those questions are: 1) how does sales as a service work and 2) how to grow business with sales as a service.

One answers the other. With an understanding of what sales as a service is, one can see how to grow business with this powerful offering.

How Does Sales as a Service Work?

Sales as a service (SaaS) is a collection of services an organization provides to grow development in another organization. At NuGrowth, those services include sales team training, CRM management, market research, and marketing campaigns, among other sales enablement services.

The difference between sales as a service and outside sales rep services is that sales as a service addresses an organization’s needs across the sales pipeline. SaaS delivers tools, data, and strategies along with highly trained sales talent. Sales as a service teams provide more than just representatives, they provide sales, CRM, and account managers among other high-level roles to ensure all areas from creating a customer profile to closing deals are covered.

The Sales as a Service Difference

SaaS gives organizations the long view, focusing on the steps that lead development teams to lasting sales success. The key factor in that long view is sales team support. When working with a new client, team structure and support are the first areas we address. We ask managers:

  • Does your team have the tools they need (CRM, marketing automation) to close deals?
  • Do you provide your team with the data they need to make the best outreach decisions?
  • How do individual team members get training and support?

The answer to these three questions gives us insight into the gaps in development needs and processes.

Our SaaS Case Study: Engineering Consulting Firm EWI

While outsourced service reps provide short-term and short-lived gains, we focus on long-term, lasting achievements for our clients. Our on-going partnership with engineering consulting firm EWI reflects the power of full sales as a service support.

The Problem
Based in Columbus, OH, EWI serves manufacturing firms in numerous ways, providing consultation, development, and implementation services to keep clients across industries innovative and competitive. When we connected with the EWI team, they had a unique problem: engineering firms didn’t know their service existed. Our team was tasked with discovering opportunities for the EWI team and assisting their existing sales team in effectively growing leads and closing deals.

The Solution
Our team quickly integrated with the EWI team, collaborating to learn about their existing practices and past successes to determine the best solutions moving forward. Our highly-trained experts used CRM management and data analysis practices to identify ideal client profiles and best outreach practices, working with the EWI team to execute on high-quality leads.

The Results
The NuGrowth and EWI teams’ strategic planning has paid off year after year. Over our seven-year partnership, EWI has seen:

  • Over 1,000 new opportunities
  • Doubling and tripling in closed sales year over year
  • Up to $8 million in contract revenue
  • A 700% return on investment

Get Results Like These for Your Sales Team

Our collaboration with EWI continues to be a success to this day. We rely on collaboration, trust, data, and innovation to keep EWI and our other clients growing their pipeline. As EWI Marketing Director Jon Jennings said of the partnership:

Working with NuGrowth is an investment that provides invaluable results. Knowing they’re managing our inside sales frees me up to focus on expanding our business to new opportunities I would never be able to otherwise.

You can see these successes in your business, too. Find out more about EWI’s success in our case study and discover more about our targeted outreach methods here.

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