How to Get ROI during an Event or Tradeshow

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Email Marketing, SaaS Marketing, Sales Strategy

Tradeshows are excellent opportunities to meet new customers, start conversations, and build your company’s brand. So, how do you prepare? We break down a vital outreach strategy you should implement before the trade show begins for maximum success. Waiting until the event is often too late and collecting business cards is not an efficient way to get business from tradeshows.

Know Your Audience

First, start with an attendee list. Most of the time, you will only find access to a list of exhibitors online which depending on who your ideal client is,  could be useful. You can also buy data that includes names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Once you know who you’re sending emails to, and calling on, you can begin building your campaign.

Pre-show and Post-show Outreach

A proven cadence of pre-show and post-show outreach are an excellent way to ensure your team is getting the most out of their time and travel. Having a disciplined pre-show and post-show process ensures you get new customers from the event.

Consider this sample introductory message for an email or phone call: “As I understand, you will be attending the trade show next week. Is that right? I wanted to reach out and see if you’d be interested in connecting with our team while you’re out there.” This message opens the door for potential “hand raisers”  to find a slow day or unoccupied hour at the event to schedule a time to connect.

How NuGrowth Can Help

NuGrowth’s tradeshow package enables your team to meet with companies of interest, track all activities to measure which events are fruitful and ensure you get an ROI out of your trade show investments.

Shows are a significant investment – both in time and money. Our tradeshow package allows your team to make introductions ahead of an event, build relationships during a show, and execute post-show follow-up that will convert “meet and greets” into new customers.

Partner Effectively

Attending events or tradeshows are critical for successful business development. For more information on NuGrowth’s tradeshow package, give us a call at 800.966.3051 or fill out our simple contact form.