How Does Your Business Development CRM Rank?

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Sales Strategy, Salesforce

You want your business development team to be in top shape. That’s why you invest time, effort, and funds into strategizing and perfecting your operations, striving for the most efficient and effective processes. To achieve this goal, you apply assessments – performance goals for your sales reps and KPI reporting to test strategies – but how do you assess your business development CRM?

If you want the most from your operations, don’t you want the best CRM system, too? See if your technology stacks up to your high standards with our CRM ranking system.

Test Your CRM’s Rank

If your CRM system has one of these features or processes, give yourself a point.

  • A dedicated CRM admin (in-house or outsourced) *
  • A clean, error-free, and duplicate-free database
  • Regular processes to maintain clean, correct data
  • Accurate data mapping
  • Established data defining and tracking
  • Automated tasks to speed up processes
  • Custom KPIs and reporting
  • Custom workflows and dashboard views
  • System synching (i.e., with marketing automation, customer service, geomapping)
  • Continued education and always-accessible training resources

*Note the “dedicated” here – meaning focused primarily on managing your CRM. Development managers, CFOs, or other executive-level positions who also manage your CRM don’t count.

How’d you rank? If you have less than 5 points, it’s time to get a system upgrade and refresh. Between 5 and 8 means you’re on the road to a superior system but still have some improvements to go. More than 9? Congratulations – you’re maximizing your CRM capabilities and tapping into the best development resource in your business.

Let NuGrowth Boost Your CRM Rank

There’s a reason we know what your CRM needs to succeed, and that’s because, for over a decade, we’ve been working with businesses across industries to help them improve their development systems and operations. Whether you’re just starting out or stuck in a multi-year rut, our team has the tools and experience to get your development operations in top shape.

Discover how we can bring your team custom dashboards and reporting, webform and sales and marketing integration, and targeted, personalized training for CRM success for years to come. Already got a stellar CRM? Let us help you with other development needs like crafted go-to-market plans and custom outreach content to bring your operations to a whole new level.

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