Harness the Value of Replies in Email Marketing

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Digital Marketing

The traditional email marketing funnel is missing a crucial component that until recently was given little attention or worse, completely ignored.

When sending an email to a carefully curated audience a certain percentage of those emails kick back a reply – both automated (out of office) and actual human replies. These replies can be used in a variety of ways to drive tremendous value and insight about your prospect companies.

Lead capture

Auto replies almost always contain one or more additional contacts at your target company. This is particularly important in cases where your lead has left the company. In effect you are now marketing to the wrong person, and the automated reply contains information about who you should be marketing to. Proper handling of this data is key to continuity in the relationship between you and your prospect companies.

Human replies

When a person takes the time to reply to your email (even marketing emails) it’s important to be responsive. People don’t want to feel like they are being talked to by a machine. As your email marketing efforts scale it becomes increasingly more difficult to find and manage the human replies because they get lost in the ocean of automated replies.

List health

Email lists decay over time – especially when you consider research showing millennials change jobs every 2.2 years. Cleaning out bounces, changed email addresses, left company addresses, and even system addresses like hr@ or sales@ will reduce costs and improve metrics like open and click rate.

Time savings

Most marketing teams put some amount of effort into dealing with replies. This effort is manual and can end up costing a measurable amount of time every week. Replacing this manual effort with automation can be both a time and cost savings while removing a tedious task from your team.

Siftrock is excited to partner with NuGrowth Solutions to help realize these values for NuGrowth clients. Adding reply mail intelligence to email marketing can give a tremendous lift in leads, metrics, and brand perception.

New leads are automatically synchronized for future marketing efforts. Human replies are detected and alerts sent in real-time. Lists maintenance is achieved through automated workflows. The new email marketing funnel ensures maximum value from your campaigns.

I’m happy to see forward-thinking digital agencies like NuGrowth taking advantage of technology and tools to accelerate innovation, value, and return on investment to their clients.

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Author: Chris Hundley

Chris is the founder and CEO of Siftrock, the first reply mail intelligence platform for email marketers. He’s a Seattle startup veteran, having held executive positions at multiple early stage companies and working as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Madrona Venture Group. Prior to founding Siftrock he served as CTO of Optify, acquired by Marketo in 2013.