Getting Started with Sales as a Service

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Sales as a Service

When you choose to work with team SaaS (Sales as a Service) at NuGrowth, you don’t just get an outsourced sales company with a great reputation, you get

  • a trusted partner vested in your long-term success
  • all the benefits of proven sales processes forged from years of experience and hard work.

Once people sign on, one of the first things they ask is, “How do we get started?”

First, by focusing on the word “we.”

For optimum success, we work to seamlessly integrate the talents and insights of your internal team with the talents and expertise of the core group at NuGrowth who will become the outsourced arm of your organization. Essentially we become one unit, with transparency of processes, consistent communication, and effective collaboration driving our collective achievements.

To give you an idea of how things work, here is a quick rundown of the collaborative steps to growth.

We hold a kickoff meeting

We meet to start the engagement and get to know the ins and outs of your organization: your mission and vision, your products and services, your target market and the value you bring to that market. We discuss your buyers, their goals, their pain points and how you serve them. We talk about what makes your organization stand out from the competition. We also listen to your stories. It is critical to accurately capture and replay the value proposition and stories that help open the door for conversations.

In short, we do a deep dive information-gathering session that sets the stage for further research and discussion.

In attendance will be our Vice President of Sales, Account Manager, Sales Coach, Inside Sales Executive(s), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Administrator, and Data Expert. Everyone “has their lane” and takes notes on action items they need to do their jobs right.

We create the Sales Execution PlanTM

Once the initial session is held we get to work creating our Sales Execution Plan, a living document that will serve as the foundation of how we go to market for your company. This document gives scalability to the engagement, meaning that any additional sales representatives who join the team can get up to speed quickly and seamlessly.

Among other things, we’ll collaborate on which prospects will be targeted first and document the value of your products or services and benefits to the prospect. We’ll work together to define success metrics, workflows and sales cycles, and set up scorecards to define what fits the criteria of both sales and marketing qualified leads.

We refine messaging

As a part of the Sales Execution Planning process we develop scripts and messaging designed to highlight the value for each of the key buyers involved in the decision-making process. We refine this messaging through multiple iterations of role plays amongst the team. This way, when we pick up the phone, the team is poised to have a meaningful conversation which communicates credibility and value to key decision makers.

We set up the infrastructure

Concurrent to this, we are hard at work getting systems set up behind the scenes. One of the most important aspects of your sales and marketing infrastructure is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.   If your organization is already up and running on a CRM, we will gain access it to create the workflows and processes needed to support our unique territory management approach. This includes best sales workflow practices for

  • lead management,
  • conversion,
  • pipeline management,
  • and more.

We’ll also identify methods to track key qualifiers to find the most relevant people to talk to, and segment and target new and existing contact data before bringing it into the appropriate places in the system.

If your organization is not using a CRM or Marketing Automation system, we’ll help you get them implemented from the ground up.

We are also able to provide training and documentation to help your team members get up on the platform.

We reach the right people with the right message

Now, it is time for execution. In most cases, we take a multi-channel approach using both targeted emails and strategic dialing. We stress “professional persistence.” We are disciplined but not pushy. Every one of the key decision makers we reach is busy, and it takes clarity of message and diligence to earn a conversation.

We strive to learn and to add value at every interaction. As we find and qualify interest, and then specific opportunity, we work together in close collaboration to advance and close opportunities with those businesses who are the best fit.

We implement a feedback loop

Because we find that the key to effective collaboration lies in communication, we make it a point to implement scheduled weekly and quarterly touchpoints to review progress, share information, and discuss next steps.

The first quarter is spent verifying assumptions through market feedback.

  • Weekly progress reports show key metrics and meetings are focused on how to best advance and close the opportunities before us.
  • Monthly Reports recap activity, show cumulative progress and serve as the basis for further planning, analysis, and strategy direction.
  • Quarterly reports are more in depth. We discuss the findings and potential changes in strategy. Sometimes the tactics need to shift. Sometimes it is a new segment, or a tiny tweak in messaging.

These regular reviews, which we continue to hold through the life of the engagement, help us stay in alignment together and strategize the best responses to the market trends that we are uncovering. The more we work together, the more seamless the process becomes.

One long-term client described the resulting relationship as such: “Although the NuGrowth business development team works remotely, they are wearing the same uniform and working from the same playbook as our internal sales team… For some that begs the question, ‘why not just hire someone internally?’ The primary answer: focus.  By sourcing it out we know there are no distractions and that they have a core group around them that helps them stay focused and learn from each other. Not only that, I don’t have to worry about managing the inside sales team. NuGrowth does that for me.”

Sound interesting? Let’s talk

We would love to collaborate with you and your business. Call NuGrowth today at 800-966-3051 or fill out this short contact form.

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Author: Adam Rapp

Adam serves as account manager for NuGrowth Solutions providing sales and marketing leadership, consultation, and strategy for NuGrowth Solutions and client engagements. In his time at NuGrowth, he has lead several NuGrowth Solutions client engagements driving rapid and scalable revenue growth and ROI for his clients.