Frequently Asked Questions

What services does NuGrowth Solutions offer?
NuGrowth Solutions is dedicated to helping teams develop repeatable pipeline development. Our services range from enabling your internal sales teams to be more effective through sales and marketing automation technology, database development, and marketing to actually staffing sales teams on your behalf and conducting outreach in-market to find qualified opportunities for your business.
Can sales and sales enablement services be booked separately?
We offer sales enablement services without our sales services, but will not engage in sales services without sales enablement support. It is our core belief that no sales team will be productive without the support of the correct resources.
How do sales services and sales enablement services complement each other?
Sales Enablement is all about making the sales team more productive by ensuring that they have accurate data on qualified prospects, that they have tools to inform which strategies or lanes are the most productive, and campaigns which create brand awareness and give the sales team access to which prospects are engaging with marketing. Whether you use our sales teams or yours our goal is to enable more consistent sales results.
How do sales enablement and sales services help my business grow?
We believe predictable sales growth is driven by disciplined and driven individuals following a consistent and scalable process based on best practices for business development outreach. Driving consistent conversations in the Ohio market leads to consistent meetings with the right individuals, leads to pipeline development, leads to revenue.
How do I know if my business can benefit from NuGrowth Solutions services?
If you are a B2B business in Ohio who doesn’t have 1) a consistent sales process and a toolset to track AND LEARN from results 2) quality contact data 3) digital marketing support or 4) are lacking specialization or bandwidth on your sales teams NuGrowth can help.
How long does the onboarding process take for NuGrowth Solutions Services?
Onboarding timelines vary on the service we are engaging with. Generally the planning phase for launching new outreach or marketing campaigns range from 4-6 weeks before we are live in-market. For technology implementations we follow a phased roll-out model so we can deliver components to the team in pieces so they can begin use of the system in a digestible fashion.
Is there a set timeline within which you work with businesses so they can reap the greatest benefits?
Our engagement terms are also dependent on the service we are providing. We value long-term relationships where we are able to add increasing value to our partners year over year. We typically take a stair-step approach to our partnerships where relationships expand over time with proven results.
Will my business have a dedicated specialist working with us throughout the term of our contract?
NuGrowth will select from our Ohio-based team of specialists across practice areas to support the engagement based on the services and levels of work that are required. In some cases a shared resource model is needed – in some cases we have a full team of dedicated resources for one program.
What is the strategy employed by NuGrowth Solutions to determine whether a business can benefit from sales services or sales enablement services?
We believe that all sales teams can be more productive with Sales Enablement resources helping with their efforts, so this is always a starting point for new engagements. Sales Services are an additional layer that is reserved for organizations committed to growing a sustainable sales engine.
What is the general financial investment necessary for sales services and/or sales enablement services?
We look for long term relationships vs short term projects. All engagements have an initial start-up event and move into some level of ongoing retainer. Because we offer programs ranging from a few hours a month to full-time dedicated teams the investment varies greatly.
Can businesses of any size benefit from NuGrowth Solutions’ Services?
Yes. We have programs that can benefit everyone from an early stage startup to a global sales organization. If you’re not sure which services are best suited for your company, contact us to speak with one of our team members.