Fill in These Common Sales Potholes with Outsourced Sales

by | May 13, 2019 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

No business can do it all. You outsource IT, marketing, design – why not outsource your sales? For many, the hesitancy lies in fear of losing your voice, personal connection, or diluting your brand. But outsourcing sales doesn’t mean giving up all control. Think of the process as a filling in of what’s missing. Your sales strategy may be a functioning road, yet full of bumps and swerves. Outsourced sales can make that ride smoother and more efficient – filling in your potholes to make your ride better.

Pothole 1: Training

Perhaps you’ve got a solid client base, but are having trouble growing. The issue may lie in your sales team’s abilities to effectively reach new customers. They’re used to maintaining or growing current relationships, but are at a loss when it comes to cold calling.

Or, you may have experienced a sales surge and hired on some straight-out-of-college reps to help out. Though full of energy and more than willing to learn, they have no experience, and training newcomers is no easy task.

Outsourced sales support can fill these training gaps in your team, whether it’s to train new hires, hone skills for experienced members, or refresh your team during a lull.

Pothole 2: Buyer Personas

If effective communication and outreach are already in your wheelhouse, the next critical area is identifying your target audience. In most cases, your audience is varied – by location, position, and even pain points. The best way to capture such duplicity is by creating segmented buyer personas. Each persona represents a different category in your audience. Once you have your personas identified, you can adapt outreach materials and tactics to meet each’s needs.

Establishing effective personas requires targeted data gathering and analysis. Many teams don’t have the time, tools, or expertise to create buyer personas nor to identify effective outreach methods. An outsourced sales team has all three, plus the ability to focus in on this one sales area. A few months of targeted research and testing from an outsourced sales team is well worth the long-term rewards.

Pothole 3: Value proposition

Knowing and communicating your worth are different things. It’s easy for your team to internally establish your value, but are they able to communicate that outward? Your team needs to be able to do so effectively to each buyer persona. Every segment of your audience has slightly different needs, and the key is knowing how to position yourself as the answer to their unique problems.

Here again an outsourced sales group can put the time and effort into crafting the best content and messaging for each persona. Bring them in to do the heavy lifting and walk away with results-driven tools you can instantly put to use.

Pothole 4: Messaging cadence

Once you know what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it, you need to know the “when.” Both reaching out too often and not often enough can be detrimental. Reaching out via the wrong channels can hurt, too. How are you to know when and with what tools to connect?

Only data will tell, and an outsourced sales team can provide it. An outsourced team brings in educated suggestions for cadence and communication tools and has what you need to analyze results. With this data, you’ll have a handle on the most effective methods and timing, avoiding bumps and delays in the sales journey.

A Smooth Ride with NuGrowth Solutions

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Author: Sarah Deak
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