Enhance Your Customer Experience through Content Marketing

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Content Marketing

Customer Retention Marketing

Most people involved in sales and marketing these days have heard the phrase “content marketing.”   Those in the business know that it is the practice of using content (blogs, infographics, video, white papers, etc.) to attract prospects to your brand, engage them with interesting material to prompt interaction or conversion.

Content marketing has most often been used in the B2B sense for prospect engagement.  It helps to increase website traffic, optimize search terms, provide for powerful outbound marketing campaigns, and drive net new conversations in the market.

However, organizations that understand the true power of content marketing know that the content shouldn’t stop once the sale is made.  Content should be used as a way to enhance the customer experience, and empower the customer to become advocates for your brand.

NuGrowth’s latest eGuide: 7 Methods for Highly Effective Customer Retention Marketing highlights 7 methods effective content marketers use to create content that enhances the customer experience and positively impacts customer retention rates.

  • Seek First to Understand
  • Be Consistent
  • Be Proactive
  • Be Authoritative
  • Be Share-worthy
  • Be Multi-Channel
  • Be Centrally Located

Read the eGuide for more in-depth info, including actionable tips on how to employ the methods presented.

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